Yeti Cycles: Create outstanding customer service with a flawless omnichannel solution

Yeti Cycles’ challenge in connecting retail stores, BigCommerce, and payment gateway has been overcome successfully by ConnectPOS.

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About Yeti Cycles

Yeti Cycles is a world-renowned bicycle manufacturer based in Colorado, US. Specialized in high-end mountain bikes and racing bikes, Yeti Cycles has been providing powerful service globally, from the US to Italy and New Zealand. To better satisfy ambitious racers, the brand has expanded its service into selling bicycles parts and high-end bicycle apparel.

The challenges when transitioning to a new platform

With the motto “We build bikes we want to ride”, the company has understood the importance of changes and adaptation since the very beginning in 1984. Thereby, they have started the digital transformation really soon and achieved great success.

In the last decade, Yeti Cycles has entrusted its online performance in the hand of Magento. However, with the rising demands, it’s time for Yeti Cycles to upgrade its digital infrastructure. BigCommerce has stepped up and become a long-term scalable eCommerce platform for the company, leading to urgent needs of integrating compatible solutions that can work flawlessly with the new system.

One of the most challenging concerns of Yeti Cycles lies in maintaining its omnichannel model, in particular, choosing a perfect POS system. In the past, they used Magestore to function their O2O (online-to-offline) performance, yet it’s not compatible with BigCommerce since the POS is built for only Magento.

To successfully find the perfect ally for its store, Yeti Cycles has built up a detailed set of essential standards for the candidates.

  • Sync orders, products, and customers between the POS and BigCommerce
  • Use as a payment gateway with an option for an Authorization Only Transaction
  • Write the transaction information from to BigCommerce
  • Utilize built-in BigCommerce settings, such as coupon codes, customers group discounts, and tax program
  • Compatible with fundamental POS hardware: Barcode reader, credit card swiper, and receipt printers
Yeti Cycles’ payment gateway

Various potential POS providers have been taken into consideration. However, they were not the missing piece that Yeti Cycles was looking for. Since Yeti Cycles has only retail one store with one register, it strongly required a simple and easy-to-use POS; there should not be any abundant features that may complicate the process. Yet more severely, the company was unable to find a POS that can perform bi-directional sync between BigCommerce and POS. For instance, Yeti Cycles had tried its luck with Square Point of Sale. Unfortunately, Square did not meet the expectations as it cannot integrate directly with BigCommerce and support the payment gateway.

When Yeti Cycles seemed lost in the sea of false choices, Matt Hicks – Senior Technology Manager happened to find ConnectPOS from the BigCommerce Marketplace. Impressed by its features as the only POS solution that integrates directly with top eCommerce platforms including BigCommerce, Matt decided ConnectPOS can be what they are longing for.

How ConnectPOS assists the new journey of Yeti Cycles

At the starting days, ConnectPOS only focused on creating an omnichannel journey for Magento retailers. Along with the growth of the global market and changes in customers’ behaviors, ConnectPOS expanded its capabilities by working with more eCommerce partners such as BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

As a cloud-based POS system, ConnectPOS promises 100% direct and real-time synchronization between BigCommerce and retail stores. This statement has been once again confirmed by Yeti Cycles after practical usage.

A straightforward connection between the retail store and BigCommerce

Yeti Cycles doesn’t want their information to be stored in a third-party system; they specifically request a direct solution to connect their database from BigCommerce to the POS and vice versa. As the only provider that offers this characteristic, ConnectPOS does not let Yeti Cycles down.

Matt happily said: “ConnectPOS integrates well with BigCommerce. It was the only system that integrated with 2-way sync between BigCommerce and the POS for orders, customers, and products.”

More than that, the company can freely apply the settings they have created from eCommerce within the POS. Both online and offline purchases are able to use complex BigCommerce promotion rules. The ability to pull these settings back to POS is what makes the omnichannel solution stand out from other competitors. Thanks to ConnectPOS, buyers of the company can enjoy a unified experience cross-platform.

Frictionless checkout with was the chosen financial solution of Yeti Cycles; it has been the heart of the checkout process for a very long time. Therefore, it is vital that the new POS must be compatible with this payment gateway. No doubt that ConnectPOS has done this integration perfectly. Buyers can pay quickly through and Yeti Cycles can make this gateway the default method of payment. All order details will be synced to BigCommerce so managers will not miss any data.

Not only enjoys a seamless checkout experience cross-device, but Yeti Cycles also strengthens its retail purchase and increases the conversion rate. ConnectPOS allows its users to access and create advanced orders features such as draft orders, out-of-stock orders, and custom orders to not lose any potential customers.

Simple and user-friendly interface

Yeti Cycles equipped ConnectPOS for its main showroom in the US. Since there is only one location and one register, the simplicity and efficiency of the POS are what the company values. Across the implementation, there are no difficulties for the Yeti Cycles team to understand how to use the system. Furthermore, ConnectPOS is always ready to provide guidelines whenever needed.

ConnectPOS can work well with multiple POS hardware such as barcode reader, credit card swiper, and receipt printers to support a more convenient workflow. For example, the POS supports a second screen function so buyers can interact with the POS when they paid for the items at the payment till.

Enthusiastic customer support

From the beginning when the company booked a free demo, ConnectPOS has shown 110% of its ability to support Yeti Cycles. The whole team has proved its professionalism and readiness to solve every query even though they’re in different time zones. Matt motivates the team with winged words: “ConnectPOS’s customer support is the best in class and responds very quickly to our needs. I have been extremely impressed with Leia and everyone else we have worked with at ConnectPOS. Please continue to provide the same level of customer support.”

New possibilities for Yeti Cycles retail performance

Although only in the first phase with ConnectPOS, Yeti Cycles has witnessed a huge change in its retail performance. The POS system connects directly with BigCommerce and to create a seamless transaction experience. “We have sped up the process by at least 1 minute per customer transaction.” In the future, Yeti Cycles plans to further take advantage of more useful features, such as Offline Mode, Store Credit and Manually Adding a Percentage Discount for Individual Product.

The success of Yeti Cycles is what pushes ConnectPOS moving forward. On the other hand, the opportunities that ConnectPOS brought to Yeti Cycles are endless. Like what Matt said: “It has been great working with ConnectPOS. I was nervous that I would not be able to find a POS system that met all our requirements, but ConnectPOS got it done. ”

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