Better inventory visibility with cross platform app Steven P December 19, 2022
Better inventory visibility with cross platform app
Better inventory visibility with cross platform app

Why is the creation of the cross platform app so common among app developers? Cross-platform app development has gained significant traction in recent years. The code can be written just once and used on all platforms, saving the developer time.

You may learn about the key advantages of cross-platform developing apps in this post, along with tips on how to apply them to your project.

What is inventory visibility?

Inventory visibility is the capacity to observe and track stock in real-time, and to get knowledge of the precise number of SKUs (stock keeping unit) that are in stock at each location as well as where they are kept within a storage facility or fulfillment center.

Better inventory visibility with cross platform app

To have better inventory visibility with cross platform app, first, we need to know what this app is. For software developers, cross-platform refers to languages and frameworks whereas for the end user it simply means that the program you are using will work on any of your devices.

The process of creating apps for all platforms at once is known as cross-platform app development. By offering customers an app that works on a variety of devices, businesses are able to access a larger client base.

Additionally, cross-platform development enables companies to create apps more quickly than they could if they focused just on one platform. By avoiding the need to create two distinct apps, this technique also saves money. You can utilize the same source on both platforms when developing in this way. For companies looking to reach the next stage of success, developing cross platform apps is a wise choice.

Why is inventory visibility important?

There are a great number of sales opportunities that your company may be missing, not to mention severely eroded revenues due to the higher capacity and shipping costs, if it cannot respond to simple questions about where its stock is, how much it has, or what supplies are being used to fill which orders.

In 2021, at least one sale will be made by more than 150 million Americans using BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup in Store) or curbside pickup. Before entering a physical store, 46% of Google’s poll respondents want to check online the inventory levels. During their buying journey, 73% of buyers use various channels.

To deliver the omnichannel shopping and delivery experience that today’s consumers want, inventory visibility is crucial. Any of the aforementioned strategies cannot be successfully implemented without inventory visibility. And that’s bad news for the CX (customer experience) management team.

Better inventory visibility with cross platform app

Faster updates & flexibility

Better inventory visibility with cross platform app

The cross platform app has several advantages to help with better stock visibility, one of which is faster code compilation. While using the same programming language, developers may easily share the code across many platforms. The technology used to create a cross platform app enables language switching. This also enables developers to use different technologies if and when they are required.

Cost control

In contrast to former times in which they had to spend significantly on many tools and technologies, corporations today only need to make a single investment to have their app produced. The cost of independently creating apps for every platform is no longer necessary. The same team can be utilized by app developers to work on a variety of platforms. Therefore, businesses can benefit from cross platform app and create inventory visibility more economically and effectively.

Easier implementation

Better inventory visibility with cross platform app

Today’s technologies provide a variety of cross platform solutions, making it simpler for businesses to make modifications. For instance, inventory programs can be readily created in HTML5 and transformed for use on many platforms when a tool is being used.

Using resources you already have and adapting them for other inventory platforms is another way to put it. Not only does this speed up inventory efficiency, but it also makes it simpler to sync updated stock data among all mobile devices.


By staying one step ahead of the competition with updates, cross platform app development enables businesses to maintain their lead over the competition. These are only a few of the numerous advantages that this system offers. 

Contact us if you want your company to remain in the lead over its niche with better inventory visibility with a cross platform app.

Better inventory visibility with cross platform app

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