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Best Startup Ideas To Make Money In 2021

2021 has already come. As we have a whole new, promising year ahead of us, it’s now the prime time to start working on the New Year’s resolutions for your business success. Future businessmen and businesswomen, this article is for you! Today, we’ll unveil the 8 most lucrative startup ideas to make money in 2021. So, let’s not wait any longer and jump right into our business suggestions!

Providing spaces for remote working

Remote working has been around for a while. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic putting human interaction in jeopardy of spreading the infection, working from home has become one of the hottest topics in 2020. Furthermore, it has been predicted that remote working will ultimately become a thing even after the pandemic as there are more and more people now prefer this type of work. The main reason is that they could work without any restrictions in terms of both time and locations. 

When talking about working from home, people tend to think about actually working at home. However, with remote working, it’s totally possible for people to travel while working remotely. In fact, there is a tendency toward “travel working” instead of working from home. With that, they can constantly find inspiration and motivation to work in new places. 

With that being said, some early birds who stay ahead of the trend have started providing service for those “travel workers”. For example, some hotels in the UAE offering hotel rooms modified into working spaces coming with relevant services. All in all, providing decent spaces for remote workers makes one of the greatest startup ideas in 2021. 

Entering the content industry

Nowadays, almost every business has a website. With that being said, copywriting has also been emerging as content marketing is an irreplaceable part of digital marketing. It’s safe to say that at some points, every website owner has considered hiring a copywriter at least once. Copywriters can create content for the website including blog posts, banners, landing pages, posters, etc. 

Thus, if you have the ability to get people persuaded and excited about the products that your clients are selling, you can make good money by entering the content industry. Additional requirements you need to ensure in order to thrive in this business are being on time and having an adequate amount of knowledge about the industry that your clients are in. It’s also important to bear in mind that copywriting is different from normal writing. It serves the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. Thus, sometimes other than producing intriguing content, copywriters also need to ensure other aspects such as SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), etc. 

You can start as a freelance copywriter yourself. However, for a long run to make your startup idea become a real business, you can consider gathering a group of people who are also interested in and have the capability of doing content marketing. A small organization can later on become a much larger one or even a well-structured company. With that, entering the content industry remains one of the most promising startup ideas to make money in 2021. 

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Operating an app-based startup

A great idea is what can interrupt the current and the future behaviors of people. And we’re talking about mobile apps – a ‘gold mine’ of the Information Technology industry. In this age of startups, app-based startups are very common and on the rise. That  makes it both an advantage and a challenge for startups as there have already been a plethora of apps out there. An out of the box app idea is what startups need to think about. Here are some app startup ideas that will help any newcomer have a solid start: 

  • Fitness tips: An app that acts as a fitness devisor. The advice will be made based on the data generated. Users can get useful health tips and product recommendations.
  • Study planner: An app that will be helpful for students to manage their studying schedule. Additionally, educational ads can be placed strategically according to the user’s data.
  • Plagiarism checker: An app that will contain affiliate links to some genuine original items. With that, users can check the similarity of a piece of writing with online materials. 
  • Interior designing: An app that allows users to visualize their houses after designing them. Users can be freely creative with their designs and adjust them to their liking. 
  • Cooking suggestions app: An app that gives access to the recipes of various dishes. Even better, you can create an app that allows you to enter the ingredients you have and gives you the dishes that can be prepared with them.

Offering graphic design services

You may notice or not, but it’s undeniable that the demand for graphic designers is growing non-stop. Career Planner forecasts the employment of graphic designers to grow 5% from 2016 to 2026, which is about as fast as the average for all occupations. 

If you already have the skills and knowledge of graphic design tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Sketch, but don’t want to work as an in-house designer, then providing your own service, your “agency” is a worth-trying startup idea. Once you have fundamental human resources including designers, obviously, and account managers, you can get your first customers through Fiverr, Upwork, or some remote jobs on websites. However, for the long-term benefits, you should create your own website and have your service list displayed there. That way, you can avoid high commissions and build long-lasting relationships with your clients.

Keep in mind that businesses need graphic designers to create various types of design. The different types include logos, banners, social media posts, standees, posters, product packaging and so many more. Therefore, if you wish to build your startup on this path, it’s vital to keep practicing, widening your knowledge, and upgrading your skills. 

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Starting a dropshipping business

Are you dreaming of having your own online business but don’t have enough upfront investment for inventory? Here is a good news for you: dropshipping. Dropshipping is a streamlined e-commerce business model in which you can sell products to your customers without the need of handling any physical products. It can be done by setting up an online store and partnering with suppliers who already have warehouses and stock available. With that being so, you can take orders from customers, then work with your suppliers so that they can ship the orders to the customers’ front door. 

One of the reasons that more and more people are drawn to dropshipping is that you don’t have to hold inventory. Thus, you don’t have to invest upfront a huge amount of money to be able to open a retail business. All in all, dropshipping is definitely worth checking out as one of the best startup ideas. 

Selling zero-waste products

Recently, minimalism has increasingly become a lifestyle trend as a response to the urgent call from our nature suffering from a huge amount of waste. According to research, by 2050, the world is expected to generate 3.40 billion tons of waste annually. That number is increasing dramatically from 2.01 billion tons in 2018. In addition, Wunderman Thompson Intelligence’s research in 2020 indicated that 90% of the survey participants believed that it was companies’ and brands’ responsibility to take care of nature.

With that being said, starting a zero-waste company is more than just a trendy thing to do. It reflects the ethical, environmentally conscious morale, and the social responsibility of businesses. Selling sustainable products like reusable bags, bamboo toothbrushes, or products with zero-waste packaging could attract an increasing number of sustainability-focused consumers. That’s why it makes a great startup idea that you should consider if you wish to open a business. 

Once you make up your mind on selling zero-waste products, you should follow the trend closely to see which category is potentially disrupting consumer behaviors in the future. Capitalizing on sustainability is not only a lucrative business but it also has a feel-good factor to it, making it a brilliant career path in this environment-centric era. 

Starting a Youtube channel

In 2020, 500 hours of video were uploaded to the website per minute and each visitor spends 11m 24s per day on YouTube on average, according to Alexa, as of late 2019. With all of that impressive statistics, YouTube deems a ‘gold mine’ for startups. Additionally, since YouTube belongs to Google, it’s normal for the videos on YouTube to rank better in the search engine results. You can even make yours more prominent on the result page by making the video and the accompanying text keyword-rich. Besides, a Youtube video is a decent way for you to showcase your distinct personality. You can manipulate the content and get as creative as you want to. 

Surprisingly, great videos can totally be made at a fraction of the price. The initial investment in this business is a basic lighting set, wireless microphones, one to two cameras (and lenses), and editing software like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. To cut down the upfront investment even more, you can totally find second-hand varieties for some of this equipment. 

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So, instead of just using YouTube as a marketing tool, you could make it a career. It is among the favorite startup ideas these days. In fact, becoming a Youtuber can be really lucrative.  There’s a lot of potentials to monetize if you capture the right audience. According to research, from 2016 to 2020, the number of channels earning US$100,000 per year or more grew by 40%. That number makes this startup idea really worth a try. 

Providing meals-to-go

Cooking, what seems like a normal daily activity, is becoming harder and harder for people, especially white-collar workers. Seriously, there’s an endless line of people who admit that they don’t have time to cook nutritious and healthy meals. They are longing for ready-to-eat meals with balanced diets, yet being tasty and affordable. That’s when meals-to-go-businesses stepped into the game. Furthermore, it has become a startup trend that literally everyone with a good amount of cooking skills can capitalize on. 

Although there have been many business owners following this trend by starting their own meals-to-go business, there is still room for you. There’s no need to think too big. Your meals-to-go offerings can begin right in your city, town, or as small as your neighborhood. In contrast to the common belief, you don’t necessarily need to invest in a large commercial kitchen. The kitchen that you already have and cook your own meals every day is just perfect. Or else, you can consider a shared rental kitchen as well. These places are usually equipped with all the essential pieces of equipment and kitchen utensils. They can be rented by the month, day, or hour, so it’s convenient and flexible for users. 

So, if you find yourself have some talent in creating healthy yet tasty meals, then consider opening a meals-to-go business as one of the ideal startup ideas. 

Final thought

To wrap today’s article up, here are the 9 best startup ideas that we find fruitful for you to consider if you wish to operate your own business. Our suggestions include:

  • Providing spaces for remote working
  • Entering the content industry
  • Operating an app-based startup
  • Offering graphic design services
  • Starting a dropshipping business
  • Selling zero-waste products
  • Starting a Youtube channel
  • Providing meals-to-go

Above is just a small part of a plethora of startup business ideas you can capitalize on. As each individual has their own strengths and gifts, our suggestions are only for your preference as there is not such a thing as the best career. What you actually need to do is to think carefully about what you like to do and what you are capable of doing. Only then, with our little help, you can choose the right business path for yourself. And we, ConnectPOS, are always by your side on the way to your business success! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! Visit our website every day for more meaningful content and in-depth articles!

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