8 Retail Checkout Counter Ideas to Try in Your Store ConnectPOS Content Creator September 14, 2020

8 Retail Checkout Counter Ideas to Try in Your Store

Top 8 checkout counter ideas for your store

The last contact between merchants and customers in the retail industry is usually the checkout counter. While this area is usually for transactional activities, it doesn’t mean that it can’t serve your brand and create a better customer experience. So why don’t you use your checkout counter to give buyers a lasting impression? This would be an ideal opportunity for you to attract more customers and stimulate sales.

Let’s look at some retail checkout counter ideas to maximize your checkout process.

Top 8 retail checkout counter ideas for your store

Prior health & safety

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing retail businesses to change the way they operate. You have to make sure your customers and employees feel safe and secure while in your store, especially the checkout area where the interaction happens the most. A few actions need to be taken as below:

  • Provide alcohol-based hand rubs on the counter for disinfection
  • Employees and customers must wear masks over their nose and mouth
  • Install plexiglass to create a physical barrier between shoppers and cashiers

Make it look artistic & personalized

Beautifully designed cash wraps are great checkout counter ideas to draw genuine attention from your consumers. If you have already invested money and time in decorating all window displays and store fixtures, your checkout counter is also worth noticing, right? Let your creativity and imagination glow through your retail checkout counter!

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Highlight impulse buys

Your POS checkout counter is a perfect opportunity to get customers to buy a few more products. This can be done by tapping into the power of impulse buys. Display some particular items on the counter so that shoppers can get one quickly on their way out. They can be any small or self-explained items, such as accessories for merchandise, gift cards, kids’ toys, batteries, snacks & drinks, etc.

Provide digital browsing

Today’s consumers are familiar with browsing products online. Take advantage of this and give customers the ability to browse every product on their own. You can display a touch-point customer screen at the counter to communicate with shoppers as well as enhance customer experiences.

Utilize the lighting fixtures

One of the checkout counter ideas you can apply to your store is utilizing the lighting system. Try to brighten up your counter by using vivid lighting fixtures above or behind your cash wrap. Not only does it draw attention to your retail checkout counter but also enhance your in-store design.

Install TV screens in the back

Having TV screens at the back of the checkout counter will make a great touch-up to your store appearance. For example, if you are running a fashion retail business, you can show videos about your brand, images of models wearing your brand’s apparel, or display the latest promotions.

Integrate modern and professional POS system

A cloud-based POS system can significantly improve your checkout experience. The software helps improve your transaction speed and reduce human errors during transactions. Also, a modern and sleek POS makes your retail checkout counter look more appealing.

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Automate the checkout process

With the development of technology in e-commerce platforms, automated checkout is making changes to the checkout experience by implementing a self-checkout system. It is possible to have checkout counters anywhere within the store with the usage of a mobile-based POS (mPOS) system. mPOS allows customers to check out from any in-store location, which in turn keeps them happy and satisfied without having to wait in long checkout lines.

To summarize

The checkout counter may not be the most critical area within a retail store but surely not the least. With these checkout counter ideas, we hope that you will be able to create an inspiring and customer-driven shopping experience of your own!Our feature-rich cloud POS system, ConnectPOS, would be the best option for a world-class omnichannel shopping experience to win customers’ trust. With our advanced technology to bring out the best customer experience, your customers will certainly leave your store highly satisfied. Book a 14-day free trial now to explore it yourself!

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