7 factors to change your vape business future Lana D February 18, 2022
7 factors to change your vape business future
7 factors to change your vape business future

The pandemic Covid-19 has impacted business operations around the world, including vape shops. So, the question is what factors to change your vape business future considering the disease situation out there. Below are the key things. 

Location where your store is based

Similar to any other retailer, location has a lot to do with your vape business success. It should have a considerable amount of visibility and traffic. A welcoming storefront and parking are also what to consider. 


Customer habits of shopping have changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, people tend to buy online more. This urges you to optimize your business to cater to the demands. 

For your reference, the worldwide vape is projected to rise at a CAGR of over 8 percent during the period of 2020 and 2025. In light of that, online stores are proven to be among the deciding elements to the thriving vape business future. Significantly, the vape sector creates a balance between offline and online businesses. It should likewise follow potential shopping behavior changes.

Stocks that attract more people

Speaking of ordering stocks, you cannot select goods you wish to use. Instead, see to it that you attract the biggest number of consumers. Do some market research. What do shoppers feel vape stores are today missing? What would your consumers become happy to discover at your store?

Vape-intended point of sale solution as your vape business future


Using a point of sale system, you can manage the inventory system and organize stocks. Also, it enables you to make subcategories for various kinds of vape goods. Should you be in the market for a reliable piece of software with huge support for your shop, ConnectPOS should be your best bet. This cloud solution gives countless possibilities for enhancing your operations. For example, it works with different devices and eCommerce platforms. ConnectPOS likewise enables real-time data synchronization between your physical and online shops. Plus, its stock and order management features are no joke. 

Social media presence

Undoubtedly, social media is crucial to any store. It assists in leading traffic to the shop and developing a solid brand. Please note that search engines like Google restricts vape shops from making ads. So, a reasonable strategy on social media is

critical for your success. 

Reduced pressure on the supply chain 

Reduced pressure on the supply chain

People do not tend to create pods, coils, and other materials domestically. That is why the supply chain needs constant involvement. Plus, the shipment of materials such as pods and coils has got impacted by more severe border controls. As a result, businesses begin to make their own coils to decrease the supply chain pressure. 

Vape popularity staying intact

Before the coronavirus pandemic, e-cigarettes had already been popular. The reason is a lot of people have found them to be less toxic than tobacco. Amid the COVID-19, their popularity is intact. During the disease’s first year, vape sales in 4 large American markets stayed quite stable

ConnectPOS is a POS solution that assists your shops to thrive, you should consider using it for a brighter vape business future. For more information, reach us now

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