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7 Easy Holiday Season Upsell Tips in 2023

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The holiday season presents a golden opportunity for businesses to increase their sales and provide an exceptional shopping experience for customers. In this article, we will share seven practical holiday season upsell tips to help you maximize your revenue and make the most out of this festive season. Get ready to discover practical strategies that will take your holiday sales to new heights!

Holiday Consumer Spending Statistics

Let’s explore the fascinating ways in which consumers engage with the market leading up to the festive season. We will unveil the key statistics behind the highly anticipated shopping season:

  • During the 2022 holiday season, consumer spending online reached a staggering $211.7 billion, marking a 3.5% year-on-year growth, as reported by Adobe Analytics.
  • Approximately 30% of shoppers eagerly commence their holiday shopping as early as October or even earlier.
  • 57% of consumers will initiate their holiday shopping on or before Thanksgiving.
  • Only 15% of consumers intend to wait until December to begin their holiday shopping.
  • 60% of holiday shoppers in the United States plan to spend more than $250, while 10% plan to spend over $1,000.
  • 62% of shoppers aim to make their purchases online primarily.
  • Paid search remains retailers’ primary driver of sales, accounting for 29% of online sales. Direct web visits (19%), organic search (17%), affiliates/partners (16%), and email (15%) also contribute significantly.
  • According to a survey conducted in September 2022, over half of GenZ consumers in the U.S. expected to increase their online and in-store shopping compared to the previous year.
  • 85% of holiday shoppers have plans to do at least some of their shopping in physical stores. Most of them mentioned checking product availability/stock as their initial step before visiting stores.
  • 28% of shoppers intend to commence their shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  • Cyber Monday 2022 set a new record for the largest retail eCommerce sales day in U.S. history, with consumers spending $11.3 billion online. This represents a 5.8% increase from 2021.
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Easy Holiday Season Upsell Tips in 2023

Attract Customer Attention with an Optimal Website Layout

Consumers first visit your website when they learn about your products and services. According to Adobe, 38% of people won’t use an unattractive website. To grab customer attention, consider these key points:

  • Optimize your site for all devices. 40% of smartphone and tablet owners search for B2B products on mobile (KoMarketing).
  • Use attractive banners, borders, and CTAs to drive product sales.
  • Create separate product categories for different customer segments.
  • Include internal links to guide customers to relevant product pages.

Tailor Your Shipping Services to Individual Preferences

Shipping is crucial for eCommerce businesses, especially during holiday sales. Customize services to benefit customers and communicate shipping deadlines on your website. Timely delivery leads to 75% of customers making repeat purchases at a reasonable cost.

  • Provide complete information about return policies. During the holiday seasons, 35.5% of customers prefer companies with hassle-free returns (statista.com).
  • Organize special overnight sales to accommodate last-minute shoppers. By 2023, overnight shoppers are projected to reach 7.09 billion (statista.com).
  • Offering free shipping on a minimum order amount encourages users to spend more to qualify for it.

Black Friday generated $5.03B and Cyber Monday generated $6.59B in 2017. Back-to-school days reached $58.1B in online sales in 2018.

Apparel, Computers, and Sporting Goods are expected to offer more discounts on Thanksgiving Shopping days.

During the Super Bowl weekend in the US, merchandise, decorations, televisions, food, and beverages will be popular. Candy, chocolates, fizzy drinks, and confectionery will be in high demand for Christmas sales.

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Provide special gift packages for customers to send to their relatives and friends. Display your holiday season discounts and incentives prominently.

Transform Abandoned Carts into Gentle Reminders

According to Sale Cycle, approximately 75.6% of online shopping carts are abandoned by consumers. On 2015 Black Friday sales, the abandonment rate was 72.81% (statista.com). 

To prevent cart abandonment during eCommerce holiday sales, follow these tips:

  • Send compelling emails to convert abandoned carts. Use subject lines that evoke emotions like “Hey, you left out something…” or “Come back! Your purchase cart is waiting for you…”
  • Provide a save-to-cart feature and enhance the product page and progress indicator.
  • Track customer time spent with product carts to calculate the customer conversion rate.
  • Offer easy payment options such as PayPal, debit cards, and mobile payments to eliminate repetitive sign-up processes.

Harness the Power of Social Media to Maximize Reach

Social media has revolutionized marketing and promotion, making it an incredibly accessible holiday season upsell strategy. 59% of Americans find social media customer service helpful in resolving issues. Take advantage of this during the eCommerce holiday sales season.

  • Maximize your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by updating your company’s profile page with special seasonal themes.
  • Streamline your social channels using automation tools to ensure your messages reach the right audience at the optimal time during the busy holiday sales period.
  • Boost customer engagement by running contests where participants can upload pictures with your company’s product. 

Implement a Robust Loyalty Program for Customer Retention

Implementing a loyalty program for your valued customers is a great holiday season upsell strategy during this festive season. Use gift cards, coupon codes, and discounts to enhance customer loyalty and create a sense of festivity.

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Introduce exclusive holiday-themed loyalty programs on key dates such as Cyber Monday, Christmas, and Black Friday. Market surveys indicate that a well-designed loyalty program can potentially retain approximately 70% of consumers, making it a valuable strategy for driving sales.

Enhance Customer Experience by Sending Personalized Gift Cards

Boost customer loyalty in the eCommerce holiday sales season by offering exclusive gift cards. According to a market survey of 2000 customers, 70% of consumers plan to spend $400 on gift cards.

E-gift cards have gained popularity due to their instant accessibility. Users of e-gift cards tend to spend approximately 30% more than the card’s value. Moreover, these gift cards increase referrals, fostering strong customer relationships.

To Conclude,

As the holiday season approaches, implementing these easy holiday season upsell tips can significantly impact your bottom line and customer satisfaction. Remember to leverage data, personalize recommendations, and offer complementary products or services to enhance the value for your customers. 

Applying these strategies can create a memorable shopping experience and boost your holiday season sales. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to thrive during the festive season. Contact us today to explore how our team can help you implement these holiday season upsell tips and achieve outstanding results. Let’s give it a free try with our retail POS services and unique solutions for customer relationship management, making this holiday season a resounding success!

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