7 best woocommerce booking plugins to increase customer experience Steven P February 6, 2023
7 best woocommerce booking plugins to increase customer experience
7 best woocommerce booking plugins to increase customer experience

You cannot get meeting scheduling and booking functionality via WooCommerce alone. To construct a booking and reservation system on your WooCommerce site, you’ll need a third-party plugin.

We’ll go over the top WooCommerce booking plugins in this article, along with some of their key features, to help you decide which one is ideal for your requirements.

WooCommerce Bookings

7 best woocommerce booking plugins to increase customer experience

WooCommerce Bookings is widely regarded as the industry standard, and for good reason. You may expect complete integration with other WooCommerce plugins because this plugin is a part of the WooCommerce ecosystem. Simply put, WooCommerce Booking will increase the functionality of your existing Woo items, if any.

The plugin is incredibly nicely designed, with many choices and customization. The plugin’s refund policy, which enables customers to test it out for 30 days and ensures their money is back if they’re not satisfied, is another benefit that many users highlight.


With the help of the Booknetic WordPress plugin, you can effortlessly accept reservations and appointments. Using this plugin, you may manage your calendar, send automatic emails to customers, and accept payments.

The plugin has a built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to store customer information and interfaces with WooCommerce to enable easy payments. Booknetic integrates with well-known payment gateways to simplify online transactions.

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This plugin is ready for translation, therefore you can use the Visual Translator module to edit the preset template or translate it into your native tongue. Booknetic is the ideal option for businesses of all sizes because it has so many features and a simple UI (user interface).


7 best woocommerce booking plugins to increase customer experience

The Amelia plugin is a user-friendly yet powerful automatic booking specialist that operates around the clock to guarantee that your customers may make appointments and payments online or offline.

Amelia comes with a number of built-in functions. It offers Google Calendar synchronization, enabling your staff to manage all appointments in their individual Google calendars. It also provides SMS (short message service) notifications, which make it easier for you to stay in touch with your customers and employees right away.

Amelia has a sleek, modern appearance on both the front and back ends. You can quickly add it to your website and have it perfectly fit the design with a simple shortcode.

Easy Booking Plugin

The start date and end date are two of the new fields that this plugin adds to the product page. Additionally, it has the ability to determine new pricing on a daily, nightly, weekly, or custom basis (for instance, $4 per day, night, week, or custom period). More than 4000 active installations exist.

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Customers adore this plugin’s inexpensive cost and how simple it is to install. It is a fantastic plugin choice for a specific kind of business. The functionality of the Rental product and Google calendar connection are a couple of the additional elements that set RnB apart. For rental companies who need to develop a new product that doesn’t conflict with WooCommerce’s default product types, RnB is the best option.

You can visit the company’s website for a complete list of RnB features. Customers don’t always like RnB’s aesthetic, and its limited use by rental enterprises is perhaps its largest drawback. Others have issues with the development team’s responsiveness to complaints.


Among other things, WooEvents enables you to sell tickets, remind attendees, and take form-based front-end submissions. On the plugin’s website, you can view a complete list of WooEvents features.

In order to create events with a schedule, map, events calendar, form submissions, and management capabilities all rolled into one, WooEvents works flawlessly with WooCommerce and is simple to organize. Additionally, the cost is fairly reasonable.

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Despite being ideal for many business owners, WooEvents lacks reservation functionality. WooEvents won’t be useful, for example, if your company schedules time slots and accepts payments. Many firms find this to be a major drawback.

YITH Booking and Appointment

7 best woocommerce booking plugins to increase customer experience

It’s simple to use and set up the YITH Booking and Appointment plugin. Customers and store owners can benefit from this plugin by using it to make the booking process simpler and more effective. The plugin creates a dynamic reservations system that enables you to keep track of the timetable, date, and overall amount of reservations, among other things.

Additionally, it aids in the efficient handling of bookings by incorporating a number of filters to aid in priority setting for reservations. All reservations are immediately added to a useful table by the plugin. You can arrange them by date and choose whether to view all of them or just the reservations that have already been paid for or completed, among other options.

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