How to renovate your store for cross-platform selling? ConnectPOS Content Creator October 13, 2023

How to renovate your store for cross-platform selling?

cross-platform selling

multiple shopping platforms, you can access more consumers. But on the other hand, positioning your retail to grow on different sales platforms does not just have to do with uploading your items on each. You should renovate the store for cross-platform selling. Here are the ways.

Assess Your Inventory

When you sell on multiple platforms, you must manage your inventory properly to ensure you have adequate goods to cater to the needs of customers. For example, check the inventory levels, order more stocks for your best-seller items, and check for popular item trends to expect new goods possible for you to sell. Please bear in mind that not all items sell similarly on all platforms. Thus, estimate according to each channel. 

For those selling through various platforms, we suggest making use of the POS system from a trusted provider, for instance, ConnectPOS. It assists in automating and tracking the inventory management process. This solution is great at keeping up with purchases across many channels. 

Plan on Product Prices to Renovate Store for Cross-Platform Selling 

You should follow up with developing product price strategies. These will vary depending on the platform. For instance, you likely want to go with competitive pricing on Amazon. Regarding the eCom site, we suggest making different pricing and promotions for your loyal buyers. Otherwise, plan on selling products at a more competitive price for consumers who have given up on the checkout process.

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Optimize Your Product Listings

Do not forget to check for your platform content. For example, see to it that you optimize the product listing for the channel you are selling your goods to. Generally, some significant product listing factors you should consider are product titles, features, images, keywords, and feedback. 

Plan Marketing Strategies

Since you have finished the above steps to renovate store, move on to developing your marketing strategies. More than 70% of consumers are inclined towards connecting with brands through multi-platform marketing. This has to do include which marketing strategies you will adopt for which platform.

For example, as a click-and-mortar retail business, Apple runs offline and online stores alike. It is worth mentioning that the case with this brand’s offline stores is one of a kind. Instead of being intended for sales, its stores focus on enhancing its eCom business, that is responsible for most of the entire sales. In other words, the brand’s offline stores are in charge of supporting the general Apple experience. These locations do not have to pay much attention to retail, so consumers can stop by them without feeling urged to buy something there. 


You can renovate stores for cross-platform selling by having a suitable strategy and determination to overcome potential challenges. Consider the abovementioned ways and improve your business for boosted customer satisfaction and revenue. Also, reach out to ConnectPOS for further insights to thrive your business.

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