5 WooCommerce POS system for a souvenir shop and its best features ConnectPOS Content Creator May 14, 2024

5 WooCommerce POS system for a souvenir shop and its best features

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The holiday and tourist season is approaching, opening up many opportunities for souvenir shops and brands. In this article, we will introduce 5 WooCommerce souvenir shop POS systems and their best features to help businesses choose a suitable system.

5 WooCommerce POS systems for a souvenir shop and their best features


ConnectPOS is a Woocommerce souvenir shop POS (point of sale) suitable for all sizes of businesses. The system is cloud-based, with custom integrations and features that optimize the souvenir shop and help maximize revenue. This software fully supports point-of-sale features such as order management, omnichannel selling, and real-time stock update. Especially with the most powerful feature of Centralized data, businesses will easily do multi-channel business and control business activities on the same management channel. This combined with its Multi-Source Inventory solution will help businesses optimize store operations. If your organization is looking for an all-in-one solution to manage your online and physical stores, then this system is just what you need. It allows businesses to set up multiple POS stations suitable for popup stores and others. The POS software also allows customers to receive orders through the cashier POS and automatically print receipts, invoices, and packing slips using the printer at the POS or at a separate fulfillment center.


One of the highly rated Woocommerce souvenir shop POS solutions is Jovvie. It is a point-of-sale system that will help the store maximize sales. An interesting feature of the POS system is the ability to save customer orders. This is useful in situations where customers need to drop off midway through purchase and pick up where they left off and when they’re ready to pay. Jovvie is a WooCommerce solution for souvenir shops, especially multi-channel ones, because it is cloud-hosted and self-hosted. This is Woocommerce POS because it pulls orders, customers, taxes, and other data from your business’s WooCommerce store. It always syncs with WooCommerce inventory to efficiently handle cross-platform sales and let you have a clear idea of ​​inventory exposure to avoid overselling.

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Point of Sale System for WooCommerce

Point of Sale System for WooCommerce is suitable for souvenir shops that create multiple online stores and assign sales agents to each. The POS system synchronizes data between your physical and online sales channels for efficient order and inventory management. This POS software has a special feature that includes two management systems Front-end and Back-end. For example, the backend system helps the admin to assign one or more employees to the store. Store agents will manage their sales and customer records for the designated stores. It comes with an offline data synchronization feature that makes it easy for sales agents to synchronize all sales and customer details that have been made on the offline store with the online store.

FooSales for WooCommerce

FooSales is a WooCommerce souvenir shop POS that turns your WooCommerce store into a secure omnichannel retail platform that allows businesses to seamlessly sell online and in person. The best feature of this system is processing payments directly in FooSales’ point of sale (POS) application manually using any third-party card reader. This makes the online and physical stores synchronized in real-time without any other software. The software syncs with the online store using an API (Application programming interface) and securely brings product, order and customer records to the business POS. It also updates your orders, inventory and customer data in real time. In particular, Foosales allows discount applications based on store coupons. Once an order is completed, it is easy to apply a coupon to that order. 

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The special feature of WePOS is that it allows businesses to create unlimited stores and counters simultaneously along with assigning different cashiers to each counter. Cashiers can only access designated counters, ensuring privacy and secure payment. This is a necessary feature to help customers easily trust and be loyal to the brand. WePOS also features an outstanding search option that allows users to find products and customers quickly to complete transactions seamlessly.


Selecting the right Woocommerce souvenir shop pos is crucial for maximizing profits. ConnectPOS offers top-of-the-line solutions tailored to your business needs. Contact us today to get the best system for your store.

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