5 outstanding benefits of headless commerce and their practices Huong Vu October 13, 2023

5 outstanding benefits of headless commerce and their practices

5 outstanding benefits of headless commerce and their practices

Headless commerce platforms have emerged and changed the way businesses sell goods and services by equipping them with new and innovative ways of selling online. In this article, we would like to introduce to e-commerce merchants the 5 outstanding benefits of headless commerce and their practices to help businesses get the most out of them.

5 outstanding benefits of headless commerce and their practices

True omnichannel experience

One of the most prominent benefits that headless commerce brings to users is a true omnichannel experience. With headless commerce, businesses can implement omnichannel selling regardless of whether the customer is shopping on a PC (personal computer), mobile device, chatbot, or any other digital medium. For traditional commerce platforms, it can be difficult if a business wants to add a new digital sales channel. But headless commerce is different; it allows the enterprise’s own developers to build the user interface for the new digital sales channel whenever they choose and without waiting. As a result, this provides a seamless omnichannel experience for both buyers and merchants.

Complete front-end customization

Traditional commerce platforms are often associated with front-end and back-end, so its user interface is often incomplete. However, for headless commerce, its benefit is to provide complete front-end customization. Headless e-commerce platforms offer limitless potential on the front end. This includes (Internet of Things) IoT-enabled tools that can be integrated right into the headless CX (Customer experience) platform.

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Personalized customer experience

There’s no denying that personalization plays an important role in today’s consumer shopping process. And one of the benefits of headless commerce is a personalized customer experience. Customers want their experience to be personalized to their needs and desires. With this modern commerce platform, organizations can tailor sales from scratch to match the tastes and preferences of their customers. If your business is looking to set itself apart from the competition, personalizing the online sales experience is a must. It includes features like customized shopping options, personalized recommendations, and customer-oriented promotions based on previous purchase history. Personalization creates a closer bond between the customer and the company selling the product or service and is also known to generate higher customer retention rates in the long run.


Flexibility is one of the unique features of headless commerce. Currently, customers’ buying habits and behavior can change at any time. The recent pandemic can be mentioned as an example. Sales tools must first and foremost be flexible enough to respond to new problems or needs. This includes tailoring ads according to what shoppers are most interested in, shipping and receiving options, and which digital channels customers use to purchase products or services. When a customer’s preferences or needs change overnight, only a headless commerce platform is flexible enough to change with them.

Increased conversion rates

Another benefit of headless commerce is that it helps increase conversion rates. Businesses can reduce website bounces or cart abandonment rates by creating a sense of excitement with the products or services they’re selling. The whole point of headless commerce is to be able to empower users with personalization, flexibility, and creativity so they can help create that excitement in unique ways, such as providing personalized promotions, creating an interactive experience for customers that leads to discounts, and providing out-of-the-box recommendations. This excitement often translates into increased conversion rates across all channels. Customers will convert from viewers to buyers quickly.

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Commercetools is one of the prominent and popular headless commerce platforms in the market today. Besides, ConnectPOS is one of the only POS (point-of-sale) systems to support this platform.


The benefits of headless commerce give users a comfortable and seamless experience across all channels today. If you are looking for the best platform to start with, contact us.

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