10 reasons why Magento B2B can rock your B2B eCommerce Huong Vu October 13, 2023

10 reasons why Magento B2B can rock your B2B eCommerce

10 reasons why Magento B2B can rock your B2B eCommerce

In the current era of e-commerce, B2B transactions are moving to online platforms. However, finding a safe and suitable platform is not easy. B2B eCommerce websites need a strong and secure platform to support their business and one of the best is Magento B2B. In this article, we will provide 10 reasons why Magento B2B can rock your B2B eCommerce.

Overview of Magento B2B

B2B is business-to-business, which refers to a type of transaction between businesses, involving manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. Magento B2B is a suitable platform for today’s businesses that makes it convenient and secure to build websites that meet all the requirements like eCommerce integration or automated wholesale portals.

10 reasons why Magento B2B can rock your B2B eCommerce

One Stop Shop

Magento B2B provides all that is needed for an online store in just one platform, your business can seamlessly manage all of its accounts. With this platform, businesses will easily track quotes, view detailed order history and manage credit online.

Smart Inventory Management

Magento features also include smart inventory management, which can enhance business operations and efficiently manage orders from all sales channels. This feature helps managers track inventory in real-time across the entire supply chain, thereby helping to optimize costs and delivery times and aid in sales growth.

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Shared Catalogs

Magento’s Shared Catalog feature makes it easy for businesses to serve and enhance the customer experience through categories created specifically for their customers. You can use them to offer specials, prices, and discounts for corporate accounts.

Private sales and events

To release inventory, your store needs a separate website, and Magento provides that for you. With Magento Commerce, you can create private sales pages, limited-time events, and customer-specific sales to move inventory.

B2B Quotes

Magento B2B Commerce can help businesses modernize their quotation process. The Quotes feature in Magento eCommerce allows company users to initiate price negotiations from their shopping cart.

Quick Orders

Magento extensions allow customers to place orders quickly, conveniently and increase sales. Store managers can also assist buyers by creating orders for them, tracking quotes, and calculating discounts. This is the right feature and utility for buyers who know exactly what they want.

Requisition Lists

The Magento platform has a dedicated section in the customer dashboard for Requisition Lists. Customers can add products to their list from the product page, category page, shopping cart, and past orders. They can also edit their lists and print them.

Purchase Orders

Magento allows store purchase orders through its website. Customers can manually add items to the cart and thereby help the store to sell more products.

AI-powered Personalization

AI-powered personalization helps businesses analyze data and provide real-time product recommendations to customers as they browse your website. This helps create an engaging shopping experience to help you increase sales and retain customers.

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Customer Segmentation

Providing a consistent shopping experience for everyone in the same needs group is a common business strategy. Therefore, Magento B2B is the right platform for businesses to help segment customers and tailor experiences to specific customer groups based on their browsing behavior or purchase history.


Magento B2B is a platform that brings many benefits to your B2B eCommerce site. If you are looking for support to connect to Magento, contact us.

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