Amazon omnichannel: How to win in eCommerce race ConnectPOS Content Creator October 16, 2023

Amazon omnichannel: How to win in eCommerce race

Amazon omnichannel

Amazon is a retailer famous for making a huge revolution in the online shopping space. Many retailers see Amazon as their primary competitor and plan their business accordingly. But there’s another more effective approach: using Amazon as a guide to success in eCommerce. Independent retailers can learn from Amazon’s eCommerce strategies and optimize key aspects of their business to set themselves apart. In this article, we provide Amazon omnichannel strategies that you can learn to win in the eCommerce race.

What is omnichannel?

Omnichannel refers to a business strategy that businesses or commercial retailers today use to improve the customer experience. It is the key to customer retention, which is also the integration of online and physical channels from which customers can make purchases. This includes stores, websites, product pages, apps, mobile ads and push notifications.

Amazon omnichannel retail has a variety of ways to deliver a differentiated customer experience. Amazon’s commerce channels seamlessly interact with each other to make it easier for consumers to reach. Amazon omnichannel includes management of many components such as: E-commerce; Order Management Solution; Warehouse Management Solution; Purchase; Order Broker Solution; CRM…

Omnichannel strategies of Amazon that you can learn to win in eCommerce race

Put customer experience first

Putting the customer experience first is an important strategy of Amazon omnichannel. Amazon has had a major change in the entire e-commerce marketing arena when it focused on the customer. In addition, this popular retailer has pioneered the use of UX processes and design elements to make the buying process of consumers and online services an enjoyable and memorable experience. 

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Exceeding customer expectations is one of the top strategies to keep your business growing. If you can perfectly meet the needs of users from the smallest things, they will be impressed with you, thus actively return to shop and stick with your website more.

Have creative advertising strategies

Amazon’s unique and innovative advertising strategy is also worth learning. Amazon takes advantage of AI and machine learning to understand users’ preferences and send them samples of products they might like, along with the products they’ve purchased. Besides, this retailer also creates gift programs for their customers, so thousands of products are promoted through this.

Besides, retailers need to learn from Amazon in marketing themselves. eCommerce retailers can use push notifications, email, SMS, and digital omnichannel advertising strategies that are common today to improve customer engagement and increase sales association and cross-selling.

Diversification in eCommerce marketing

In addition to core omnichannel strategies for eCommerce, Amazon has diversified its marketing strategy over the years. Echo is one of the most successful virtual assistant-based products. Besides that, the omnichannel retailer also has a significant presence in other business areas with Amazon Prime Video on-demand streaming service, buying the Washington Post, buying a video game streaming website from Twitch, a food retailer and maker of Wholefoods, and returning to brick-and-mortar stores with the launch of Amazon bookstores.


Amazon is an ideal model of eCommerce retailers in omnichannel sales. Applying Amazon’s strategies will help your eCommerce businesses win the race. Contact us to help you manage your omnichannel business

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