What Is Commercetools? Quinn T. January 12, 2021
What Is Commercetools?
What Is Commercetools
What Is Commercetools

E-commerce has been a bright spot among retail sales channels during the COVID-19 pandemic as shoppers have become more reliant on digital transactions. To help large businesses sell to customers online, a German company has built a set of tools that vigorously power e-commerce sales and related functions. That new wave is commercetools. Let’s dive in and get to know more about this amazing platform!

What is commercetools?

commercetools is among the world’s leading platforms for next-generation B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to-Business) commerce. It offers a true cloud-based, headless commerce platform that provides the building blocks for the age of digital commerce. Trusted by more than 250 users around the world, commercetools empower businesses to create a smooth shopping experience across all digital touchpoints.

How does it work?

commercetools is a headless commerce platform, which describes separating the frontend and backend layers of any application and having them communicate with each other via an API. Its flexible API also enables businesses to engage with their consumers through mobile apps, business websites, AR/VR social network, and many more. Therefore, the implementation and hosting of your online store are under your control.

Why do retailers choose commercetools?


With commercetools, you are independent of the monolithic program that prescribes how a frontend should be organized. You don’t have to stick to a specific templating system, train your staff to follow the exact rules laid by the software vendor. Users can then fully control what happens in the frontend and shape your brand recognition without adhering to a templated layout, which certainly doesn’t make your website and app stand out from the crowd.


As far as user interaction is concerned, you can experiment without the risk of endangering the entire ecosystem. For instance, if a test needs to be done in specific parts of commerce websites, some errors might occur in the process but won’t affect the backend operations. On the other hand, with traditional commerce solutions, you will have to modify both frontend and backend code, which sometimes requires shutting down the entire application for maintenance. This ultimately helps you effectively save your development costs.


Usually, the frontend and backend are individually scaled. As they are loosely coupled, the backend will not be affected even if the frontend receives a huge amount of traffic. As a result, the software helps businesses change and grow in order to meet their upcoming demand. 


Having the freedom to experiment yourself, you can implement new user interfaces faster without having to install and maintain full-stack software. Development becomes much more efficient since teams can work in parallel. Due to its decoupled nature, changes can be made to the UI without having to test the core logic in the backend. By using commercetools, you’ll be able to save more time and optimize the developing process.

Touchpoint addition

With headless commerce, multiple frontends connect to only an API and an underlying system. This means that if you want to add new touchpoints, you won’t need to maintain any software at all. Retailers can then expand their business size and seize great opportunities.

Final thoughts

Brands and retailers are sure to experience great benefits from a headless commerce platform like commercetools. No matter what your business model is, commercetools has got you covered. Get ready to see the unlimited capabilities of this platform in the e-commerce world!

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