Why Should Retail Businesses Choose BigCommerce? ConnectPOS Content Creator September 7, 2023

Why Should Retail Businesses Choose BigCommerce?

Retail Businesses Choose BigCommerce

BigCommerce is an e-commerce Software-as-a-Service system where you pay monthly or annual fees for hosting. Among many other platforms on the market, this article will provide some of the reasons why should retail businesses choose BigCommerce.

Why should you choose BigCommerce?

The first thing you should know is that BigCommerce offers several options such as the ‘standard’, ‘plus’ and, ‘pro’ depending on users’ needs. In addition, a free 15-day trial period and 10% discount rates are also offered on this platform. Apart from this, here are some other reasons why you should choose BigCommerce:

High scalability

At times, the demand may “skyrocket” with many customers opting to make their purchases online. Your business will need a platform with the ability to handle variations in demand with less or no straining. BigCommerce is a stable host program that can accommodate such high demand rates, and fall back when the demand subsides. This means that as a merchant you do not need to worry about the system stalling when you need it the most.

Built-in marketing tools

After setting up your online store, you need to reach out to potential clients to inform them of the goods/services you are selling. BigCommerce provides you with the numerous marketing tools that come with it.

As an online setup, BigCommerce makes use of other online systems to reach out to clients. These may include email services, messaging services, review apps, SEO analytics, social media platforms and so much more. Some of these tools include Omnisend, Justuno, Repricer, Facebook, Yotpo and MailChimp. Each has a specific marketing role for the products, which is the next reason why businesses should choose BigCommerce.

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Multiple payments

Payment is a key aspect of any enterprise that should not be overlooked. In e-commerce, the payment options may be limited to what the business accepts. This might end up losing some customers who may not be able to access the provided options.

However, BigCommerce has tried to solve this problem by providing multiple payment methods. These options include cheques, debit cards, credit cards, mobile payments and electronic bank transfers. BigCommerce helps you to set up a point of sale payment system that accommodates every customer’s needs.

BigCommerce provides multiple payment methods, such as debit/credit cards, mobile payments, etc.

User-friendly interface

A user-friendly interface refers to a web design that is easy to learn and use. BigCommerce offers an elaborate and open interface despite being a robust platform. The interface is made of options from which a user can pick and choose depending on their wishes. All navigation, user input and help options are strategically placed to help the customer easily use the platform. 

Multiple add-on apps

The next reason why you should choose BigCommerce is that it has partnered with other apps to help make the sales process a success. These apps can play different roles, such as reviewing, advertising, offering promotional services, or referring customers to your online stores. Some of these apps include OptinMonster, Livechat, QuickBooks Online and Facebook Ads Extension. 


This article has provided some of the reasons why should retail businesses choose BigCommerce. For better consideration, consult the benefits of other e-commerce platforms in our blog posts about Magento and Shopify.ConnectPOS is a point-of-sale provider that is available in BigCommerce and many other e-commerce platforms. Contact us if you have any questions.

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