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What You Need to Know About Christmas Statistics

Christmas Statistics

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, most shoppers have chosen to shop online, leading retailers to provide eCommerce services. In 2020, according to holiday retail sales figures, Christmas shopping began relatively early, with brands providing promotions as early as November. Therefore, we have prepared a list of Christmas statistics in this post to help you review the subject.

Christmas Statistics Shopping Habits

According to Salesforce’sreport, in 2019, 47% of customers believe that they will only buy products on sale during the Christmas season. So what about 2020 and 2021?

  • Males and women shop equally, but men spend more, with an average of over $725 for men and $609 for women in the United States and over £410 for men and £373 for women in the United Kingdom.
  • Gen X spends the most on Christmas, with an average of $782 in the United States and £425 in the United Kingdom.
  • Gen X is the generation most likely to purchase apparel or accessories (68%) as well as entertainment items (44%). They are also more likely to shop at mass merchants (51%), as well as online pure-plays (77%).
  • While Gen Y spends the second-most on holidays, with $609 in the United States and £416 in the United Kingdom. 

Christmas Statistics On Revenue

The coronavirus epidemic has hampered the 2020 Christmas holiday in the United Kingdom, as it has in most other nations. From February 2020, governmental authorities in Western Europe attempted to reduce infection rates by raising awareness of the hazards of contagion, improving cleanliness, allowing individuals to work from home when practicable, and, eventually, implementing Lockdowns.

  • Despite the epidemic, total holiday retail sales in 2020 totaled $789.4 billion. (National Retail Federation, 2020)
  • $209 billion of these purchases are made online and in other non-store locations. (National Retail Federation, 2020)
  • In comparison to 2019, holiday retail sales increased by 8.3% in 2020. (CNBC, 2021)
  • During the holiday season, US buyers spent $201.32 billion on the Internet. (Digital Commerce 360, 2021)
  • Experts anticipate that by 2021, internet retail sales will account for 16.3% of overall retail sales. In 2023, it will be 18.3 percent, and by 2025, it will be 19.9 percent. (GlobeSt, 2020)
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The figures also show that online stores and omnichannel account for a considerable part of Christmas retail sales. To ensure that your online store is ready for the surge of consumers this Christmas season, retailers should install ConnectPOS to submit, track, and follow sales orders in a proper way.

Christmas Statistics On Customer Experience

According to statistics, the majority of shoppers buy early. With the COVID-19 epidemic, it appears like the holiday shopping season has arrived sooner than ever since several businesses have already announced sales for 2020. (Forbes, 2020). 

  • To escape crowds, 65% of Christmas consumers in 2020 shopped online rather than in stores. (Deloitte, 2020)
  • As a result, the average expenditure on in-store channels fell by 28%, while spending on internet channels soared by 64%. (Deloitte, 2020)
  • More than half of Gen Y’s Christmas shopping is likely to be done online. 81% of US people aged 26 to 30 and 82% of US adults aged 31 to 38 were more inclined to shop this way. (eMarketer, 2020)
  • Baby boomers are more inclined than other generations to shop at department shops and national chains (24% and 24%, respectively). (NPD, 2019)
  • Consumers visiting brick-and-mortar stores decreased by 40.9 percent on the Saturday before Christmas 2020, compared to the previous year. (CNBC, 2020)
  • Instagram inspires 20% of Christmas buyers and impresses 37% of Gen Z for Christmas shopping. (Salesforce, 2019)

Many customers now prefer to purchase online in order to prevent becoming infected with the virus. As a result, businesses that wish to stay competitive must build up online storefronts to serve their consumers. ConnectPOS is an effective management software that might function properly to plan working schedules and operate work orders efficiently.

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In short

Christmas statistics reveal that COVID-19 is altering how and where customers purchase. Thus, merchants must remain adaptable, offer alternatives that meet their changing requirements, and make use of incredible tools like ConnectPhttps://www.connectpos.com/contact-us/OS. So, give us a call right now to get more valuable information!

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