How to temporarily close shopify store for holiday? Huong Vu September 29, 2023

How to temporarily close shopify store for holiday?

How to temporarily close shopify store for holiday?

After a whole year of tiring work, in the hope of a successful year-end shopping season for businesses, everyone wants to rest. When a company needs to deal with outside of its business or feels overwhelmed and needs a break, it needs to shut down the store. Pausing Shopify means they will have more time to focus on other areas of their business and will avoid burnout. Sellers can also return to work whenever they want. It’s pretty easy for physical businesses to close their brick-and-mortar stores and take some time off, but for an online company, especially a Shopify business, it’s difficult because it doesn’t have a holiday mode. In this article, let’s find out “what is Shopify vacation mode?” and “how to temporarily close Shopify stores for the holiday?”

What is Shopify vacation mode?

Vacation mode is a feature that allows users to temporarily shut down their online store. This is a necessary and useful feature when companies want to take a break to serve their own needs. So, what is Shopify vacation mode? This mode on the Shopify system is non-existent. However, businesses can work around this and temporarily close their stores to everyone with these settings and with a reasonable explanation. 

Retailers can give reasons which could be emergencies, maintenance, holidays, or personal reasons. Shutting down stores benefits sellers so they can have more time to focus on other things and avoid burnout. Furthermore, it is easy to resume operations when ready.

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How to temporarily close the Shopify store for the holiday

After finding out “what is Shopify vacation mode?”, users need to learn how to temporarily close Shopify stores for the holiday. Businesses can do this as an admin, log in to their Shopify account, and install the plan. They can choose the mode: “Pause and build a plan” to take a break. One thing to note is that this plan requires a fee of $9 per month. The retailer needs to add password protection for the store to continue showing up on the search results page. Customers will see the reason for leaving and will return within the time allowed.

Notably, businesses can completely develop Shopify businesses along the way. The easiest and most effective way is to use upsell and cross-sell policies so that sellers don’t have to worry about customers, products, or sales while they’re resting.

The application of Shopify vacation mode brings many obvious advantages. When enabling this mode and setting a custom message, customers can still search the store and receive the reason for leaving as well as the time to return. Besides, the company will be able to save on monthly fees when switching to vacation mode. During that period, Shopify will waive transaction fees on all orders.

However, this mode always has the disadvantage. For example, processes will be interrupted from accepting orders to seamless inventory management or business data being synchronized. This will cost the business time when they come back.


Have you had a better idea of what is Shopify vacation mode? And how to temporarily close a Shopify store? Understanding this is essential for any business so they can take a break and optimize their productivity and prepare for the busy festival sales season. If you are looking for a management system that is closely connected with Shopify, contact us now.

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