What is Netsuite cloud ERP and How does it work? Huong Vu October 7, 2023

What is Netsuite cloud ERP and How does it work?

What is Netsuite cloud ERP and How does it work?

Cloud computing systems are becoming a future trend of business. Many businesses in the world have been applying the cloud computing model and applying the features of this system in their businesses. In this article, we would like to introduce an ERP cloud model that is NetSuite cloud ERP and how it works to help businesses make decisions to use it.

What is Netsuite cloud ERP?

Cloud ERP refers to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that runs on the supplier’s cloud platform instead of an on-premises network, allowing organizations to access it over the Internet.

NetSuite cloud ERP is a cloud-based business management solution that makes organizations more efficient by automating core processes and providing real-time visibility into operational efficiency and finance. The solution has a single integrated suite of applications for managing accounting, order processing, inventory management, manufacturing, supply chain, and warehouse operations. In addition, it provides clear visibility into your data and gives you more control over your business.

Benefits of Netsuite cloud ERP

NetSuite cloud ERP brings many benefits to businesses in management and business processes. First of all, this cloud solution helps to automate the financial process. Financial management and cash flow in and out of a business is difficult work and requires high accuracy. Therefore, this NetSuite solution will help businesses manage their finances easily and improve financial efficiency and productivity.

The warehouse is the most important area of ​​a business because it is the center for storing and managing the products. Businesses need to get inventory visibility. This will help them track inventory levels, minimize shipping costs, and deliver on time. Fortunately, the cloud ERP solution from NetSuite will ensure you manage your inventory on a single platform across multiple warehouses.

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NetSuite cloud ERP also helps businesses optimize their supply chains. NetSuite will control the flow of goods in the value chain, from supplier to customer. This will help the supply chain reduce the possibility of disruption, ensuring efficient business operations. Moreover, this NetSuite ERP solution also helps to optimize the ordering process and reduce picking errors, thereby increasing the efficiency of the enterprise’s warehouse.

In particular, with this cloud platform, enterprise data will be stored and highly secure; this avoids the risk of competitors obtaining information and data, ensuring business efficiency is always at the highest level.

How does Netsuite cloud ERP work?  

Netsuite cloud ERP is a typical cloud system so it works according to the ERP cloud system and process. NetSuite cloud ERP works with a combination of technologies connected by high-speed internet along with cloud ERP to ensure that security updates are always available. Businesses need to log in and use the ERP and its underlying data. This results in a lower cost of ownership compared to older ERP systems hosted on company-owned servers.

With cloud ERP, business users can access it on mobile or desktop devices. This NetSuite cloud platform includes several business applications to keep businesses running efficiently, with a focus on positive customer experiences and profitable business results.

Notably, this ERP system from NetSuite also offers scalability and empowers enterprises to access whatever information they need wherever they work, from their sales meetings with customers to remote work locations or even the home office. The cloud system provides key features such as the ability to access customer information, sales history, financial data, human resource management tools, live performance metrics, supply chain status applications, etc. And all this information on the cloud system can be linked together on any computer system that the company requires.

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NetSuite cloud ERP is a great cloud solution for today’s business enterprises. If you are looking for assistance connecting to this system, contact us.

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