How Can POS Support Order Fulfillment Process? ConnectPOS Content Creator September 30, 2023

How Can POS Support Order Fulfillment Process?

Order fulfillment is an important process of any business. It is storing, picking, packing, and delivering products to customers. Order fulfillment can be understood as the steps businesses must take to finalize an order. Many businesses use a point of sale (POS) system to support the order fulfillment process. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 POS benefits for the order fulfillment process.

Gain full control over your inventory

This is the most visible way POS can support the order fulfillment process. This is because inventory management plays a vital role before you can receive orders from your online shops. If your POS can synchronize the data between your inventory and the POS system, it can give you better stock control. Without a POS, businesses can easily face disparities between the real stock and what is displayed on the system. This can lead to delays in the later order fulfillment steps.

Automate order fulfillment

A powerful POS system can also automate your order fulfillment process. Fulfillment automation can simplify the process and reduce costs for retailers and buyers. This technology allows store owners to distribute shipments with the lowest delivery rate possible. Moreover, it can also guarantee that inventory is accurately counted and monitored. This can help avoid stockouts and increase customer satisfaction. If you want a POS with fulfillment automation, consider ConnectPOS’s all-in-one solutions for order fulfillment.

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Minimize shipping costs

Shipping costs can greatly influence customers’ purchase decisions. Research has shown that 74% of online buyers considered free delivery as one of the most important factors at checkout. 

A POS can help store owners minimize shipping costs by optimizing multiple steps in order fulfillment within a few clicks. Technology will use its resources, such as inventory, warehouse locations, and customer addresses to develop the most cost-effective and timely delivery options. For example, POS can automatically calculate the nearest warehouse and assign it to the appropriate order. 

Support multiple stores and warehouse locations

Businesses are expanding at a fast pace, so chances are high that a lot of them will consider opening more than one store or warehouse. In this case, POS systems are even more important, as they provide a centralized system for the order fulfillment process at different locations. You might not want to lose control over everything, leading to late delivery or sudden stockout at some places. POS systems can help you avoid these scenarios with real-time synchronization. As a result, you can stay up-to-date about your orders from just a single screen.

Auto-generate order reports

Lastly, POS can also provide in-depth reports of your orders. You can receive useful information based on your sales performance: How many orders have you fulfilled during the past month? What is the average delivery time you offer? etc. Having these types of information at hand can help you understand your business better. You can thus develop a suitable strategy, such as hiring more employees or opening one more warehouse, to enhance your order fulfillment process.

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Wrapping up

We hope that this blog has somehow answered your questions about the benefits of POS for the order fulfillment process. Being a leading point of sale provider, ConnectPOS can offer users all-in-one solutions for order fulfillment and many more. Contact us today for more information!

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