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What Is Multi Shipping And Its Benefits

Multi Shipping

When eCommerce businesses grow beyond a single fulfillment center, shipping can get problematic. But using multi shipping can make all the difference when it comes to building smart and efficient processes. 

What is multi shipping?

Multi shipping may sound complicated, but it is actually rather straightforward. It refers to the process of completing shipments from multiple locations.

When inventory is stored in numerous locations, the most effective way to fulfill orders is to send them from the closest location to the client. Furthermore, certain orders may contain items that are housed in multiple warehouses. Then, the products coming from the same order might be delivered separately. However, shipping all items from the same warehouse may be more cost-effective, even if it is not the one nearest to the consumer.

And the best thing for retailers is that ConnectPOS supports shipping an order to multiple locations. Shipping costs are calculated in the app, allowing users to ship one order to many shipping addresses.

3 Advantages of using multi shipping


During peak seasons, such as the holiday season or back-to-school season, carriers may face an overabundance of orders. Warehouses can benefit from immunity when they don’t have to rely on a single carrier because relying on a single carrier prevents warehouses from being shut down during a strike by that carrier.

Furthermore, firms, that rely solely on one carrier to handle their shipping, might have their operations halted if that carrier encounters a service interruption. But using a multi-carrier shipping strategy avoids the company from shutting down operations. Multi shipping, on the other hand, provides insulation from these disasters, allowing business to continue as usual.

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More flexible options

To meet delivery schedules and provide a great delivery experience to their clients, today’s eCommerce enterprises require flexibility. 

When these eCommerce warehouses rely on a single carrier to deliver products, they risk losing the freedom to choose the optimal delivery method. When employing only one carrier, logistics coordinators may have to make difficult decisions. It can be shipping at a faster speed but at a greater cost or risking missing a delivery date in order to take advantage of a shipping discount for mass orders.

Furthermore, when warehouse managers restrict their shipment options to only one carrier, their shipping software is limited to only one zone map. Since multiple carriers have different transit times, networks, and techniques for sending items, which may or may not match the needs of an eCommerce organization.


It’s critical for eCommerce warehouses to diversify shipping alternatives when they have several shipments to make. 

Warehouses can expedite their delivery process and scale their multi shipping capacity. It is all based on seasonal variations by diversifying their shipments via numerous carriers. For example, warehouses can switch between carriers to find the most efficient and cost-effective carrier for transporting products. Even it is on a high-demand new product drop. With a streamlined shipping and delivery process, eCommerce business can save time and money while also distinguishing itself from competitors.


Now, the eCommerce warehouse managers might understand how multi shipping can improve productivity and their bottom line. So if you are still having problems choosing the best solutions for your business, call us immediately to get the most useful advice.

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