Trick or treat: 10 signs it’s time to switch your POS provider Huong Vu October 13, 2023

Trick or treat: 10 signs it’s time to switch your POS provider

Trick or treat: 10 signs it's time to switch your POS provider

Today, the business of enterprises often depends mainly on the efficiency of a POS (point-of-sale) system. Reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of this system at any stage will bring great impacts to the business. And if the POS system does not work effectively, businesses will have to change to a new supplier to ensure no loss occurs. In this article, we would like to give 10 signs that it’s time to switch POS providers so that you can choose a trick or treat this Halloween.

10 signs it’s time to switch your POS provider

The POS Doesn’t Help Optimize Inventory Management

The inventory system manages and stores the number of products that the business is stocking so that the business provides information to the customers. In addition, the inventory system also provides information on the cost of each ingredient and raw material for businesses to easily view and update prices. Especially during this festival, businesses have a lot of products for sale. Therefore, a POS system needs to ensure that the inventory management feature always works smoothly and efficiently. If your current POS system can’t do that, the trick or treat option is to change the POS provider.

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The POS Doesn’t Provide Enough Payment Options

Providing a variety of payment options will satisfy customers more because they always need speed and security. If your system can’t offer payment options, you could alienate customers. Your choice is to find a modern and integrated system with a wider variety of payment options in today’s market.

The POS Can’t Go Tableside

You should change to a new POS system if the current one does not have more portable features, maybe go tableside. This feature can assist in selling more profitable items with suggested sales designs.

The POS Doesn’t Help Schedule and Manage Staff

If you are using a POS system and you still have to schedule your employees on spreadsheets or with pen and paper and then manage them on such tools, the trick or treat here is to change to other POS solutions. A good system for scheduling and managing employees will save you time and increase your performance.

The POS Doesn’t Have Solid Tech Support or Resources

Even the most advanced technologies can malfunction and this will cause difficulties for the business. Therefore, you need to find a POS that you can reach by phone, online chat, or email at any time of the day to ensure that the techniques are always running smoothly without interruption.

The POS Lacks Reporting and Analysis Capabilities

The right POS technology needs to provide insightful analytics and regular reports to help you keep an eye on your business situation such as determining profit margins, employee performance, end-of-day summaries, and more. If your POS does not provide this feature and you are still using only spreadsheets, then you need to choose another POS system.

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The POS Doesn’t Have Business Customization Features

Customization is an important feature that helps businesses adjust and scale their business activities to best suit their business development. A POS system must provide this feature so that business operations are guaranteed to develop smoothly. The trick or treat option here is to change the POS provider if it doesn’t have this feature.

The POS is Not in the Cloud 

Today’s POS systems are often cloud-based. This makes it easy for businesses to connect you to the back office, work in multiple locations, and get free software upgrades. More notably, it will help businesses ensure agility, security, and “always on”. If you haven’t selected a system with this feature, you need to choose again.

The POS Doesn’t Have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Function

CRM is an important factor that helps customers stay with the business for a long time. A POS system should provide CRM functionality by supporting loyalty programs, managing customer information, and communicating with them by text or email. If the POS system does not meet this, you should change to another provider.

The POS Is Complicated

A good POS system should be equipped with great features and quick functionality and must be accompanied by convenience and ease of use for the users. If your POS provider overcomplicates the design making it difficult to get the most out of these powerful features, the trick or treat option for it is a POS provider switch. You need to opt for simpler and more efficient systems.


In short, you need to make a trick or treat decision when you recognize the signs it’s time to switch your POS service provider. If you are looking for a system that offers on-demand features, contact us.

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