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Top WooCommerce Retail POS Plugins For Stores

WooCommerce Retail POS Plugins

Retailers generally require an inventory management system with precise product information, but eCommerce alternatives are also required in today’s unpredictable economic climate. So, finding a WooCommerce retail POS plugins is absolutely necessary. Let’s have a look at the top retail POS systems to choose the one that best suits your business.

ConnectPOS: Functional WooCommerce Retail POS

ConnectPOS WooCommerce POS makes it simple to add discounts. Even when there is no Internet, the system still functions wonderfully.

ConnectPOS gives store owners advanced options and built-in filters. It may only take a few minutes to consolidate all of your essential data into a single, easy-to-understand dashboard. In one place, you’ll be able to see data from both your conventional and Internet companies.


  • Standard: $39/mo (paid annually) or $49/mo (paid monthly)
  • Advanced: $69/mo (paid annually) or $79/mo (paid monthly)
  • Premium: $89/mo (paid annually) or $99/mo (paid monthly)


  • Multiple promotions: You may establish different rules for your promotion campaigns using the ConnectPOS system. For example discounts for client groups, discounts per item, Buy X, Get Y, and gift cards are some of the most popular schemes.
  • Out-of-stock order: You can place orders for goods that aren’t in stock, or even store a draft order for later retrieval when the clients return. 
  • Offline mode: ConnectPOS works in both online and offline mode, so you don’t have to worry about losing your Internet connection. Offline mode allows you to complete basic operations like making orders, executing transactions, and preserving client information.
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Lightspeed: Extensive Features

Lightspeed is a WooCommerce retail POS system that may be used on a non-touchscreen PC or via an iPad app. This cloud-based POS system does not have an offline mode, it requires a continual Internet connection.


  • Basic: $69/mo (annual), $79/mo (monthly)
  • Starter: $99/mo (annual), $119/mo (monthly)
  • Standard: $119/mo (annual), $139/mo (monthly)
  • Advanced: $169/mo (annual), $189/mo (monthly)
  • Pro: $229/mo (annual), $259/mo (monthly)
  • Per extra register license: $29/mo


  • It may be used with an iPad or a desktop computer.
  • You can choose different packages on Lightspeed’s own eCommerce platform: comprehensive analytics, customer loyalty, and other capabilities. 
  • The system includes comprehensive inventory management as well as a standard reporting system.
  • Customer service is available 24/7, and all new clients will receive a tailored onboarding session to help them get started with the system.

Square: For Complimentary Online Tools

Square for Retail is a user-friendly WooCommerce retail POS exclusively available for iPhone and iPad. It isn’t the most comprehensive retail POS system, but it is unquestionably the most adaptable of the basic POS programs.

Square Reader requires face-to-face card purchases using an iOS smartphone. You may also get the all-in-one Square Register, which comes with a tablet screen and a touchscreen card terminal that is Square for Retail compatible.


  • Free plan: Free, 2.6% + 10¢ per card reader payment
  • Plus plan: $60/mo per location, 2.5% + 10¢ per card reader payment


  • All users may add items with descriptions and photos, manage multiple users, add customers, and utilize gift cards. 
  • Square allows users to manually enter card information, send payment links, send invoices, engage in eCommerce, and use the free Virtual Terminal for phone payments.
  • Customer service is only available by phone, chat, or email from Monday to Friday during business hours. This WooCommerce retail POS also offers a comprehensive online help area that answers the majority of your inquiries.
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Erply: POS for almost every type

Erply for retail is another cost-effective WooCommerce retail POS. Its retail POS software is accessible as an iPad or Android app, as well as via a web browser on PCs. The program is cloud-based, but it has offline capabilities in case the Internet goes down.


  • Point of Sale: $19/mo (annual), $29/mo (monthly)
  • Inventory for E-commerce: $39/mo (annual), $59/mo (monthly)
  • Inventory + Retail POS: $69/mo (annual), $79/mo (monthly)


  • Erply is a flexible system with essential features including stock management, CRM, in-store pickup, and eCommerce connectors.
  • Because there is no “Erply payment system,” you must use an external payment processor in conjunction with a suitable card machine. Bank of America, Chase, CitiBank, US Bank, HSBC, and Wells Fargo are all approved payment providers in the United States. 
  • Customized transaction rates are likely to be necessary, as well as a contractual commitment.
  • On the higher subscriptions, Erply’s customer support is available between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. on weekdays and weekends, while the POS-only subscription only provides restricted email help.


Finding a WooCommerce retail POS plugins is no longer a difficult task, but you need to spend some time on detailed research. Thus, if you want to know more comprehensive information about this topic, call us immediately. We are always ready to support and offer thorough advice to every retailer.

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