Top WooCommerce Omnichannel Plugins 2023 ConnectPOS Content Creator September 6, 2023

Top WooCommerce Omnichannel Plugins 2023

WooCommerce Omnichannel Plugins

WooCommerce Checkout technology is the undisputed global leader in the eCommerce sector, and WooCommerce omnichannel plugins can enhance your site with flexibility. However, choosing high-performing plugins from such a long list might be difficult. So, in terms of functionality and customer support, we would like to introduce the greatest Woocommerce plugins that won’t let you down.

ConnectPOS: Woocommerce Inventory, Order Management Tool

ConnectPOS has been named a Bronze Winner in the Stevie Awards for 2021. It is the only POS system that interfaces directly with leading eCommerce platforms among other WooCommerce omnichannel plugins.


  • Standard: $39/month (paid yearly) or $49/month (paid monthly).
  • Advanced: $69/month (paid yearly) or $79/month (paid monthly). 
  • Premium: $89/month (paid annually) or $99/month (paid monthly).

Best for Inventory 

  • Dashboard with sophisticated choices and built-in filters: With ConnectPOS’ dashboard, you can get all of your key information in one easy-to-understand location. The dashboard features sophisticated choices and built-in filters to help you analyze data quickly and easily. According to a recent survey by Gartner, 60% of retail and restaurant executives said they use data analytics tools to help them understand their customers better. ConnectPOS’ dashboard is an excellent tool for that purpose.
  • Reports from both traditional and online businesses: With ConnectPOS, you can see reports from both your traditional and online businesses in one location. This is important because it allows you to get a complete picture of your business performance. According to a recent report by Wincor Nixdorf, 90% of retailers said they consider omnichannel strategies essential for their business.
  • Easy switching between shops and real-time stock management: ConnectPOS makes it easy to switch between shops and check and transfer stock between them. This is particularly useful for businesses with multiple locations. A study shows that 47% of retailers said the ability to manage inventory across multiple locations was essential for their business.
  • Real-time synchronization of products, orders, customers, tax information, inventory, and other variables: ConnectPOS seamlessly syncs all of these variables in real-time across online and physical businesses. This is important because it ensures consistency and accuracy across all aspects of your business. According to a recent survey by Aberdeen Group, companies with synchronized data achieved a 14.4% increase in customer profitability.
  • Real-time data on staff management: This system allows you to manage store operators with real-time data on shifts. You can track metrics such as Total Cash Adjustment In and Out, Total Cash Amount, and Take-out. This helps you identify trends and anomalies in your staff performance. As per a report by Retail Systems Research, 78% of retailers said they use performance metrics to manage hourly employees.
  • Flexible language options and 24/7 support: ConnectPOS enables you to be flexible with the language, which allows changing the user interface and receipt’s language to the local language. This is crucial because it enhances customer experience and satisfaction. Additionally, the ConnectPOS staff is there to assist you 24/7 via the Help Center, email, phone, or live chat. This ensures that any issues are resolved quickly, minimizing downtime and revenue loss. According to a recent survey by HubSpot, 90% of customers rate an “immediate” response as important or very important when reaching out to a company for customer service.
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Omnisend: Marketing tool for WooCommerce omnichannel plugins

Omnisend’s plugin will assist you in putting your marketing strategy into action, no matter how simple or complex it is.


  • Free trial: Free plan is available.
  • Paid version: 6,000 emails per month with no restrictions on features. The cost of Pro features is proportional to the number of members. In addition, you will receive free SMS credits equal to the cost of your plans.

Best for Marketing

  • Omnisend is an all-in-one marketing solution for online stores. From gathering client contact information to complex segmentation and marketing automation, this software will meet all of your consumer communications demands. 
  • You will be able to execute a WooCommerce omnichannel marketing strategy. Omnisend includes all of your most important channels, including email, push alerts, and even free SMS messaging. 
  • The tool provides a free plan to meet the demands of novices. You may send up to 600 emails each month. You could require one of the premium plans, which start at $16 per month if you need more contacts.

Yoast SEO: SEO tool for WooCommerce omnichannel plugins

Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin for optimizing your site for search engines and improving the readability of your site for your consumers.


  • Free trial: Free version is available.
  • Paid version: It costs $89/year for a single site.

Best for SEO

  • Yoast can assist you in determining the readability of your materials and identifying outdated ones. The program will also provide you a Google search preview and optimize your site for one keyword.
  • Yoast SEO charges $89 for complete support, limitless keyword optimization, internal linking recommendations, and other features. One year of support and upgrades is included.
  • The usefulness of this tool has been demonstrated by countless positive evaluations.
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Multiparcels Shipping for WooCommerce: Shipping tool

MultiParcels is one of the greatest WooCommerce omnichannel plugins for shipping operations. This WooCommerce plugin serves as an all-in-one solution for improving logistics procedures and generating shipping labels.


  • Free trial: Free version is available, but offers only 30 shipments per month
  • Paid version: It starts from $12/month, and provides unlimited shipments with $0.18 per shipment.

Best for Shipping 

  • With a single touch of the finger, you may create from 10 to 100 shipping labels anywhere. 
  • This comprehensive tool may be used to trace all carrier shipments. 
  • Omniva, DPD, Lithuanian POST, FedEx, Venipak, DHL, ZITICITY, TNT, UPS, GLS, Hermes, and many others are among the carriers available.
  • Connect OpenCart, Etsy, Odoo integrations, and WooCommerce to numerous online shops.
  • Some advantages that will help you convert more leads: create shipping labels automatically, updates on pickup locations are made in real time, end your customer’s tracking codes, etc.


These WooCommerce omnichannel plugins would assist you in launching your online business. If you still haven’t discovered a suitable tool that will improve the present inventory of your eCommerce site, contact us to get the best advice and have a free trial of ConnectPOS.

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