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Top Omnichannel Solution Providers In Apac

omnichannel solution providers in APAC

As the need of eCommerce engagement have become more sophisticated, the desire for more comprehensive solutions has developed. As a result, omnichannel solution providers are now focusing on providing a suite of products and services that can be used to fulfill various demands and address various problems. This article will introduce you to 5 omnichannel solution providers in APAC.

ConnectPOS: One of many cloud-based omnichannel solution providers

Known as the leading cloud POS software for an omnichannel retail store, ConnectPOS has been granted a Bronze Winner in the Stevie Awards for 2021. This success demonstrates their commitment to providing omnichannel experiences to retailers all over the world. 

Integrating with multiple eCommerce platforms, ConnectPOS offers the ultimate features that any retailer will need: from the ability to use diverse hardware to real-time data synchronization. Not only that, this software also brings a great shopping experience to customers through multiple touchpoint support.

ChannelAdvisor: Reaching many customers

ChannelAdvisor, a dominant omnichannel solution provider, assists brands and retailers in transforming data and optimizing their connections with today’s empowered consumers. Channel Advisor has been helping brands and retailers around the world enhance their online performance for more than two decades. Users can increase sales channels, engage with global consumers, optimize operations for optimal performance, and deliver actionable information to increase competition.

Commercetools: Create a smooth virtual shopping experience

By providing a cloud-native architecture with a focus on microservices, Commercetools helps eCommerce operators to create seamless digital shopping experiences for customers, ultimately increasing brand value. In the lego brick paradigm, the platform’s API-first strategy separates frontend and backend operations. Some omnichannel solution providers can’t allow retailers to quickly add new features to the platform without having to change the complicated backend technology, but Commercetools can handle it well.

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Exelot: For B2C online sellers

Exelot has created an end-to-end cross-border logistics management platform. The cloud-based, Al-driven omnichannel platform unifies all aspects of product shipping, from first-mile delivery to last-mile delivery, into one centralized interface. To ensure fast and hassle-free transportation of products from the point of origin, the platform collects all required data and employs big data analytics and advanced machine learning algorithms. Exelot’s platform also connects with clients’ warehouses to help them with warehousing, order fulfillment, and pick-and-pack services near their destinations.

Furthermore, Exelot is one of the omnichannel solution providers that integrate with clients’ warehouse management systems (WMS). Its purpose is to help with warehousing, order fulfillment, and pick and pack services near destination countries, allowing them to better manage delivery partners in other countries and reduce overall last-mile delivery time.

Hiend: Business solution

Hiend, based in Singapore, provides business software and services to businesses in a variety of industries. The firm assists businesses of all sizes, from tiny businesses to multinational organizations and government agencies, in improving their performance. Customer management, operational management, financial management, people management, inventory management, and knowledge management are just a few of the important business operations that Hiend software solutions support and automate.


Until the present time, these are 5 prominent omnichannel solution providers in APAC. If you want to know more about other companies and receive other useful advice, call us immediately to talk with our 24/7 support team.

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