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Top 3 B2B POS That You Must Know


Nowadays, B2B POS is one of the first solutions for wholesale or retail companies to improve their services and run their operations more smoothly and quickly. Let’s take a closer look at this aspect and find out the best B2B POS for your business.

B2B POS Introduction

Point of Sale Systems For B2B Companies is an indispensable platform when trading whatever items. It provides a credit card and debit card payment processing option to the customers. B2B POS also expedites cash flow and reduces the need for time-consuming follow-up on unpaid bills.

Why is B2B POS necessary? 

It’s easier to invest in salespeople

Delivering a sales pitch while your salesmen are on the road is pretty difficult. But by providing them with a mobile POS system, they will be able to check up on product information and process sales while on the road.

The POS software you pick should be able to function offline, be mobile-friendly, and link to a current enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. It should also provide the salesmen with the ability to make orders and invoices and maintain a contact list. This readily available data will enable them to reply to consumers more swiftly, create trust, and eventually close more transactions.

Convenience for customers

It’s more convenient for consumers to make on-the-spot purchases if the retailer provides them the option of using credit or debit cards instead of signing invoices or cheques. It also allows shopkeepers to get funds sooner rather than having to follow up on orders or wait for invoices to be processed.

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Retailers will have more time to focus on clients and the products/services they offer if they spend less time processing and monitoring invoices and orders. Spending more time with customers results in happier customers and more opportunities to close deals.

Features of POS that can support B2B

The ideal B2B POS needs to include a variety of useful functions, such as:

  • Cloud-based solutions: allow you to manage your business and track data from anywhere in the world, as well as 24/7 technical help for any issues that arise.
  • The development of a customer profile: users will be able to see sales and order history.
  • The most up-to-date authentication and encryption technology to protect customer data.
  • When inventory levels are low, the system automatically generates and transmits purchase orders to vendors.
  • It can identify sales trends, track customer spending, use analytics and give insights.

Top 3 Prominent B2B POS that you should consider


ConnectPOS is a cloud-based B2B POS system that has earned recognition for its efficient and user-friendly features. This platform has been awarded the Bronze Winner in the 2021 Stevie Awards for its outstanding performance. 

The system offers exceptional solutions for omnichannel retail stores across multiple industries, such as fashion, electronics, and food & beverage. In addition to this, ConnectPOS is trusted by over 2,000 retailers worldwide due to its reliable features that cater to the ever-changing retail industry’s needs. 

The software stands out from its competitors in its ability to offer 24/7 customer support through both online and offline stores. This allows users to get real-time support regardless of their location or time zone. Most importantly, this platform applies cutting-edge technology to offer a seamless shopping experience to customers. 

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ConnectPOS’s advanced technology allows customers to have a smooth shopping experience, with features such as a customizable ticket system, real-time data synchronization across different devices, customer purchase history records, and loyalty program management. 

Moreover, ConnectPOS ensures data security and privacy by using encryption technology and compliance with the strictest data regulations. This ensures firms can trust the system to keep their valuable data safe at all times. 

It’s safe to state that ConnectPOS is the best B2B POS system that offers exceptional benefits and services for retailers globally. From its easy-to-use features to 24/7 customer support and advanced technology, ConnectPOS is a leading platform in the retail industry.

Aside from its excellent features, ConnectPOS is known for its easy installation process and intuitive interface that requires minimal training to use. The platform’s flexibility allows retailers to customize their POS systems according to their specific business needs and requirements. 

Overall, ConnectPOS’s versatility, reliability, and advanced technology make it an exceptional choice for retailers looking to streamline their operations and improve the service experience. Its recognition as the Bronze Winner in the 2021 Stevie Awards only proves its excellence in the market.


Connecting field sales and B2B eCommerce on a single adaptable, Pepperi is a B2B POS platform for consumer products brands and wholesale distributors. This enterprise-grade platform can accelerate growth, minimize overhead and enhance transparency.

Pepperi provides a Unified B2B commerce platform that can connect all channels and backend systems instantly and manage operations across sales channels. In order to allow buyers and sellers to process anytime, Pepperi provides a native mobile eCommerce app for both iOS and Android. The iPaas can seamlessly connect your ERP to Pepperi and make data fully accessible.

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As one of the leading in B2B Commerce platforms, Pepperi has over 1000 customers in more than 70 countries. It provides a comprehensive solution to increase profitability, reduce inefficient processes and optimize operations for many brands worldwide.


As a cloud-based company management system, NetSuite helps companies operate their operations more efficiently. It is used by more than 34,000 companies across 217 countries to help them develop and adapt to change more readily.

Netsuite provides a full range of cloud-based ERP applications, including human resources, financials, inventory management, automation service and omnichannel commerce. With its built-in features and flexibility, Netsuite is suitable for both startup and enterprise. 

More than cloud ERP, Netsuite also provides expertise and knowledge to support businesses as they scale up. Customers can get practical advice based on insights from various size, business model and geographies to gain success and increase ROI.


B2B firms can grow quicker and operate their operations more smoothly with reliable, cost-effective B2B POS systems. If you still have unanswered questions on this topic, call us immediately to receive the most satisfactory advice.

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