Become the leader of the F&B business with the 5 restaurant technology Quinn T. March 30, 2022
Become the leader of the F&B business with the 5 restaurant technology

The development trend of many industries and fields will have certain changes to better suit the global economy, and the F&B industry is no exception to this “turnaround”. Especially when technologies develop, the F&B industry has made more progress, applying modern restaurant technology to meet the needs of customers, turning challenges into opportunities for survival and development. Accordingly, the application of technology to the business in most restaurants has created a fever for this market. 

This article offers 5 restaurant technologies that you can refer to and apply to improve your competitiveness compared to competitors, achieve the best business performance and be at the top of the F&B industry.

What is restaurant technology?

Restaurant technology is the technology used in the management of restaurants. The users of these technologies can be customers, employees, managers, executives… Anyone present in the business and using the services from the restaurants can use the technologies.

Advantages of restaurant technology 

Technology is gradually entering the restaurant sector and bringing great benefits. The application of restaurant tools makes customers feel satisfied when they can use facilities and enjoy new services. Especially, for large restaurant chains, integrating and storing customer information and preferences with management software will promote efficiency in customer care. Restaurant technology brings many conveniences to customers and plays an important role in assessing competitive advantage, overall service and staff service quality.

For employees, support from restaurant technology helps them get the job done faster, more accurately and productively. Up to the present time, it has significantly replaced human resources in the industry.

Top 5 restaurant technology 

Online Ordering & Reservation

The coronavirus pandemic has fueled the popularity of contactless ordering online and alongside online reservations during this recovery period. More and more customers want to order from their own devices instead of using a traditional printed menu or a tablet provided by the restaurant. Restaurant technology that allows customers to download digital menus with QR codes is now available and provides a completely contactless ordering experience that will make customers happier. Likewise, restaurant technologies and related applications will also offer customers the opportunity to make online reservations, whether for indoor or curbside dining, which is likely to remain ubiquitous and develop.

Online Ordering & Reservation

Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony is a new restaurant technology in the industry used to take orders or reserve a table over the phone. In cloud telephony, only one number is assigned to the service, while in the backend, it is connected to multiple numbers and operators receive calls from those numbers. If the first number is busy, the call will automatically be transferred to the next available number and the second online agent will act on the customer’s order or request. This way, no orders are missed. This restaurant technology is especially useful for large restaurant chains to fulfill phone orders. All calls are redirected to the Call Center Dashboard where orders are accepted and redirected to the desired store.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM technology)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology is the key restaurant technology to amplify customers and sales in restaurants. A CRM tool helps restaurant owners to register and analyze customer insights for restaurant promotion. CRM also helps restaurants to store all the customer contact details and other personal details (such as their birthdays and anniversaries, order history, food preferences, background, the platform is mainly used to place their order, their preferred payment method, etc..). This restaurant technology can also support email marketing, SMS marketing and other digital marketing activities to improve the customer base.

Cloud-based POS

Cloud-based POS is a restaurant tool that includes all other restaurant technologies such as loyalty programs, CRM, online booking, cloud phone, online payment, online ordering. Unlike traditional POS, cloud POS is no longer just limited to payments but offers a wide range of advanced features such as accounting, reporting, inventory management, menus and recipe management, SMS reminders, response management, central customer management, email marketing, taxes, multi-store management, offline and mobile reporting. With a comprehensive POS machine at your disposal, you can automate and gain control of your entire restaurant operations. Cloud-based POS is an essential restaurant technology that you definitely can’t get away with!

ConnectPOS is a POS solution that offers customized software that can be tailored to your restaurant to manage and take care of the tasks that you are spending every single penny.

Marketing Automation and Loyalty Programs

The pandemic has made this highly competitive industry even more fierce than ever. So it’s more urgent than ever for restaurants to get the maximum return possible from their loyalty and marketing spend programs. This means that restaurants need to apply marketing and restaurant technologies in market research to capture customer psychology. By aggregating and analyzing data from all ordering platforms and social media, restaurant technology will enable both stores and chains to execute precise centralized campaigns using text, email, paid online advertising and social media.


Technology is increasingly supporting the restaurant business. The right application will help your restaurant become the leader of the F&B industry in the future. 

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