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Top Picks: The 5 Best Gun Store Software Solutions in United States

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In the ever-evolving landscape of firearm retail, efficient and reliable software solutions play a crucial role in streamlining operations and ensuring compliance. This article explores the top five gun store software solutions in the United States, offering a comprehensive overview of their features, benefits, and how they cater to the specific needs of firearm retailers. 

The Market Of Gun Retail In The United States

The gun retail market in the United States witnessed a notable trend in November of 2022, with approximately 1.6 million firearms being sold during that month. This figure highlights the sustained demand for firearms in the country, reflecting a complex interplay of various factors such as social, political, and economic conditions.

Interestingly, the year 2022 saw its peak in firearm unit sales during March. This surge in March suggests that certain events or factors during that period may have influenced heightened consumer interest in firearms. It could be linked to political developments, public discourse, or other external stimuli that prompted individuals to seek out firearms during that specific period.

Despite the overall resilience of the firearm market, there was a marginal decline of 1.7 percent in firearm sales in November 2022 compared to the same month in the previous year. This modest decrease indicates that, while the demand for firearms remains robust, there might be some fluctuation in consumer behavior or market dynamics over time.

Breaking down the sales data further, it is noteworthy that handgun sales demonstrated growth during the mentioned period. Handguns, often popular for personal protection, self-defense, and concealed carry purposes, seem to have sustained or even increased their appeal among consumers.

In contrast, the monthly unit sales of long guns experienced an estimated five percent decrease in November 2022 when compared to the same month in 2021. This dip in long-gun sales may be attributed to various factors such as shifting preferences, market saturation, or changes in public perception.

Analyzing these trends provides valuable insights into the dynamics of the gun retail market in the United States. It raises questions about the factors influencing consumer choices, the impact of external events on sales patterns, and the nuanced preferences within different segments of the firearms market. 

As the market continues to evolve, keeping a close eye on these trends will be crucial for stakeholders in understanding the dynamics and making informed decisions in this complex and sensitive industry.

Common Types Of Gun Store Software 

Point of Sale

POS (point-of-sale) software is essential for processing sales transactions quickly and accurately. It typically includes features such as inventory management, sales reporting, and customer tracking. 

In a gun store POS systems like ConnectPOS are crucial for recording firearm sales, managing serial numbers, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Barcoding software is the type of gun store software used to create and manage barcodes for products, including firearms and accessories.

Barcoding facilitates accurate and efficient inventory management by allowing quick scanning of products. This helps in reducing errors, tracking stock levels, and speeding up the checkout process.

Multi-store POS

Gun store chains and franchises benefit significantly from multi-store POS systems, such as ConnectPOS, which cater specifically to their unique needs. ConnectPOS facilitates centralized control over inventory, pricing, and sales data across multiple locations.

With this software, gun retailers can ensure consistency in operations and gain a comprehensive view of their business. ConnectPOS stands out as an effective solution for managing the complexities of multi-store environments, offering a streamlined approach to enhance efficiency and overall business performance.

Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing software is crucial for gun stores, providing a secure means to accept electronic payments. In the context of regulated firearm sales, this type of gun store software, exemplified by the POS system ConnectPOS, often incorporates features to ensure compliance with industry regulations. 

ConnectPOS, with its robust credit card processing capabilities, goes beyond secure transactions by including functionalities such as age verification for specific purchases. This ensures that gun stores not only facilitate smooth electronic payments but also adhere to stringent regulatory requirements, contributing to a seamless and compliant retail experience.


Many gun stores recognize the importance of expanding their reach through online platforms. eCommerce software plays a crucial role in this strategy by seamlessly integrating with Point of Sale (POS) systems. ConnectPOS, a robust POS solution, is particularly noteworthy for its ability to facilitate this integration. 

It ensures that inventory management is streamlined, and sales data synchronization between online and in-store transactions is seamless. This enables gun stores, including those utilizing ConnectPOS, to maintain a cohesive and efficient retail operation across both digital and physical channels.

Each of these software types serves a specific purpose in the gun retail industry, collectively contributing to the efficiency and compliance of operations. Adherence to regulatory requirements is a key consideration in the development and use of these software solutions in the context of firearm sales. The integration of these tools helps gun store owners manage inventory, process transactions, and provide a seamless experience for both in-store and online customers. 

Advantages Of Gun Store Software 

Gun store software offers several advantages, enhancing the overall efficiency, compliance, and customer experience within the firearms retail industry.

  • Streamlined Operations: Gun store software, particularly the Point of Sale (POS) systems, streamlines day-to-day operations by automating sales transactions, inventory management, and reporting. This efficiency allows staff to focus more on customer interactions and strategic aspects of the business.
  • Inventory Management: Efficient tracking of firearm inventory is crucial for compliance and operational success. This kind of software provides real-time updates on stock levels, minimizing the risk of overstocking or stockouts. This ensures that the store can meet customer demands promptly.
  • Sales Reporting And Analytics: Gun store software generates detailed sales reports and analytics, providing valuable insights into product performance, customer preferences, and overall business trends. This data-driven approach empowers store owners to make informed decisions and optimize their product offerings.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): CRM features in software for gun stores enable businesses to build and maintain strong relationships with their customer base. By tracking customer preferences and purchase histories, stores can personalize marketing efforts, and loyalty programs, and enhance the overall shopping experience.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The firearms industry is subject to strict regulatory requirements. Gun store software, with features tailored for compliance, ensures accurate record-keeping of firearm sales, age verification checks, and adherence to legal standards. This minimizes the risk of regulatory issues and supports responsible business practices.
  • Multi-store Integration: For gun store chains or franchises, software that supports multi-store integration ensures centralized control over inventory, pricing, and sales data across different locations. This fosters consistency in operations and provides a holistic view of the entire business.
  • Enhanced Security: Gun store software often incorporates security measures to safeguard sensitive customer information and maintain the integrity of sales data. This is crucial given the legal and ethical responsibilities associated with firearms sales.
  • E-commerce Integration: The software for gun stores integrates with e-commerce platforms allowing businesses to reach a broader customer base. It ensures that online and in-store sales data are synchronized, providing a seamless experience for customers across various channels.
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In summary, gun store software offers a comprehensive suite of tools that not only streamline daily operations but also contribute to regulatory compliance, data-driven decision-making, and an overall improved customer experience. Embracing these technological solutions is vital for gun stores looking to thrive in a dynamic and regulated industry.

Top 5 Best Gun Store Software Solutions in the US

Connect POS

ConnectPOS is an ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) compliant gun store software designed for efficient operational management. Offering the flexibility of remote management and an offline mode, it ensures streamlined processes anytime, anywhere. The software prioritizes security with industry-grade encryption, and detailed audit trails, and safeguards sensitive data for a trustworthy customer experience.

Key Features:

  • Order Fulfillment: Conduct ATF-compliant order fulfillment, including new solutions like Click-and-collect, ensuring legal adherence in the sales process.
  • Industry-Specific Selling: Tailored for firearm products, ConnectPOS seamlessly integrates with tools like acquisition and disposition (A&D) background checks, e4473 electronic forms, and Smart waivers, providing a legally compliant POS system.
  • Inventory Management: Manage inventory in real-time with quick additions by SKU, manufacturer, firearm type, and caliber/gauge, ensuring optimal stock levels.
  • Loyalty Programs: Enhance customer loyalty through personalized rewards programs, offering store credits, points, and exclusive offers to promote responsible ownership.
  • Customer Experience Enhancement: Utilize purchase history analysis to recommend personalized safety training and educational materials, fostering responsible gun ownership. Employ facial recognition for customer profiling, enabling targeted offerings and discounts for in-store regulars.
  • POS Integrations: ConnectPOS seamlessly integrates with various tools, from firearms distributors and payment processors to marketing automation and CRM, contributing to in-store and online success for gun stores.

ConnectPOS provides a comprehensive solution for gun stores, addressing compliance, security, and customer engagement. Its integration capabilities ensure that businesses can leverage a diverse set of tools to optimize both in-store and online operations in the dynamic firearms industry.

NCR Counterpoint

Elevate your business operations, connect with customers and facilitate sales anywhere with the gun store software NCR Counterpoint. This specialty retail management system seamlessly integrates your front end and back office, providing a reliable platform to grow your business. The fully integrated solution empowers your employees, offering terminals for a solid retail foundation and a mobile point of sale for an enhanced shopping experience. 

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Manage inventory in real-time, utilize a closed-loop email marketing platform, and benefit from a suite of solutions designed for specialty retailers, offering customization, feature-rich capabilities, and lasting performance.

Rapid Gun Systems

Rapid Gun Systems stands as a 100% ATF Compliant gun store software tailored for gun stores and ranges. This comprehensive system includes software, hardware, installation, training, and support. 

Beyond operational efficiency, it enhances the overall customer experience. Investing in Rapid Gun Systems is akin to acquiring a multifaceted team packaged in a sleek POS system. 

MicroBiz Cloud

MicroBiz Cloud, a cloud-based gun store software solution, is crafted for independent retailers. Offering automation features for real-time inventory, order management, and customer relationship management, it saves management time and enhances business efficiency. This web-based solution allows sales on various devices, integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, and includes features like service department management, special orders, phone orders, credit accounts, and more.

Bravo Store Systems

Bravo Store Systems provides an end-to-end POS solution for gun retailers, pawnshops, jewelry stores, consignment shops, and specialty retailers. It will empower your business with features such as AI-driven product valuation, integrated eCommerce, 100% ATF compliance product suite, mobile payments, and task management. Boost sales, improve profitability, streamline operations, and ensure ATF compliance with this comprehensive POS solution.

FAQs About Gun Store Software

Who Uses Gun Store Software?

Software for gun stores is utilized by firearm retailers, including individual gun stores, chains, and franchises. It is designed to meet the specific needs of the firearms industry, facilitating efficient operations, compliance with regulations, and enhanced customer experiences.

Is There A Difference Between On-Premises And Cloud-Based Software?

Yes, there is a difference. On-premises software for gun stores requires local installation and maintenance, while cloud-based solutions, such as ConnectPOS, operate over the Internet. Cloud-based software offers greater flexibility, accessibility, and automatic updates without the need for on-site servers.

Does Gun Store Software Integrate With Background Check Systems?

Many solutions integrate seamlessly with background check systems. This integration ensures that necessary checks are conducted as part of the sales process, helping gun stores adhere to legal requirements and responsible business practices.

How Does Ebound Book Functionality Contribute To Compliance?

Ebound Book functionality in gun store software refers to electronic bound books that digitally record firearm transactions. This feature significantly contributes to regulatory compliance by maintaining accurate and secure records of firearm sales, serial numbers, and customer information, meeting the stringent requirements imposed on the firearms industry.

How Does Inventory Management Work In Gun Store Software?

Inventory management in software for gun stores involves real-time tracking of firearm stock levels, including serial numbers and product details. It helps prevent overstocking or stockouts, ensures accurate record-keeping for compliance, and provides insights into product performance and reordering needs.

These FAQs aim to address common queries about gun store software, covering aspects such as its user base, deployment models, integration capabilities, and compliance features. Utilizing specialized software is crucial for gun stores to navigate the unique challenges of the firearms retail industry and operate efficiently within regulatory frameworks.


Selecting the best gun store software is a pivotal decision for firearms retailers looking to optimize their operations. Each solution highlighted in this article brings unique advantages, catering to diverse business sizes and requirements. 

By delving into the features and benefits of these top picks, firearm retailers can make informed decisions that contribute to smoother operations and regulatory adherence in the dynamic landscape of the United States gun market. To delve deeper into this matter, we encourage you to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience.

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