Takeout service: The BOPIS of restaurants ConnectPOS Content Creator October 15, 2023

Takeout service: The BOPIS of restaurants

Takeout service

With many shoppers avoiding in-person transactions due to COVID-19, digital spending has been boosted. Worldwide online sales rose by 45% in 2020. Companies with takeout service choices have the most considerable sales increases, especially during the holiday season. If you are a restaurant runner, you need to consider this approach. 

What is a takeout service?

You can buy takeout dishes from restaurants that likewise give table service. Also, you can purchase them from locations with a specialty in dishes taken away. Delivering a takeout service will save you the fee related to crockery as well as cutlery. You will also save a lot of money for hosts and something like that. Moreover, this service enables you to serve guests fast. At the same time, this does limit sales because they remain to eat your dishes. 

BOPIS & Its Fast Growth

BOPIS is short for Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store. This way of commerce is famous for the sizable establishments all the time. For a lot of less sizable businesses, they started to make use of it during the Covid-19. 

BOPIS enables shoppers to buy things online. After that, they can pick them up in the physical restaurant. This solution is safe for not only your staff but also your guests. It also gives a smooth customer experience. Also, your dining place gets more chances to sell.

Since Covid-19 started, companies have seen shoppers choosing to Buy Online and pick Up In-Store multiple times more than before. Additionally, more than 69% of shoppers have carried out multiple BOPIS buys. Over half of customers have chosen a business because of the choice for this solution. Regarding this takeout service approach, we suggest you use POS software like ConnectPOS. ConnectPOS is robust in omnichannel attributes. So, it will provide you with the necessary tools to operate a pickup in your restaurant.

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Takeout service: The BOPIS of restaurants

Takeout and shipping can be expensive in case your dining place is counting on 3rd-party platforms for your business listing. By giving BOPIS, your store can disregard the expensive 3rd-party fees. At the same time, you can provide orders directly from your social media channels or website. This enables your guests to order food safely as well as pick it up at your store.

Over a third of shoppers want to avoid face-by-face interactions. They also do not like face-to-face dining, considering the Covid-19 situation. So, takeout service becomes the BOPIS of restaurants. It is a great choice for your guests and restaurant. In conclusion, after reading the post, we hope you know why takeout service has become the BOPIS of restaurants. Now that you have understood it, it is about time to consider applying it in your establishment. Do you have an interest in point of sale systems like ConnectPOS? Do you wish to have a better idea of ConnectPOS omnichannel mission? If so, we are always happy to support you. Feel free to call us in case you have any inquiries. 

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