Top 5 POS Wholesale Features You Should Look For ConnectPOS Content Creator September 28, 2023

Top 5 POS Wholesale Features You Should Look For

POS Wholesale Features

POS solutions are not just designed for retail businesses but also for wholesalers with several helpful features.  And since wholesale is a large business, the demand for robust solutions that can automate and streamline the process is much higher. Yet, what wholesale should look for when finding a POS solution for their business? Following are some must-have POS wholesale features in a POS to guarantee maximum productivity in your stores. 

Manage inventory

A major determinant in both retail or wholesale business is its ability to closely monitor and organize warehouses as well as manage suppliers. A standard wholesale POS should enable its users to manage multiple warehouses from a single screen. 

The multiple warehouse feature enables wholesalers to constantly keep track of stock levels and transfer items across warehouses. Also, wholesale owners can choose inventory from multiple warehouses in one bill.

Moreover, in some robust POS like ConnectPOS, wholesalers can set up stocktaking and all stock data will be automatically entered into the systems. Additionally, ConnectPOS allows wholesale businesses to create orders with products that have yet arrived at their warehouse. 

Create quotation

Sending quotations is an effective way to attract potential customers and gain new orders. Based on the market situation or customer demands, wholesalers can create some different quotations and send them to their customers. Those quotations should be saved within the POS system in order to be easily converted into an order later. 

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In practice, wholesalers can also add products or adjust prices of the quotations to meet customers requirements. This feature can save time and effort on creating a new cart for each order. 

Offer multiple payment methods

Since the value of wholesale bills are much higher than retail orders, multiple payment options is a must. First of all, it is important that wholesalers allow their buyers to complete transactions with different currencies since the buyers may come from different countries.

Another thing wholesale businesses should consider is to offer buyers different payment methods from cash to cards. Since, nowadays, people tend to pay in cards, the wholesale POS solution should be able to integrate with popular and highly secure payment providers. In practice, Our POS solution – ConnectPOS enables merchants to directly connect with more than 20 payment gateways without any extra transaction fees required. 

Additionally, with high-value bills, wholesale buyers may expect to pay their bill several times. For example, with ConnectPOS, wholesalers can allow buyers to make deposits or layaways beforehand and finish their transactions later. Buyer can use different methods in each payment.

Update customer database

The most effective way to analyze customers’ demand and enhance their satisfaction is to closely follow every change in their behaviors. To do so, all of your customer information such as order history should be updated in real-time. 

Generate insightful reports

All businesses need exact and clear insight into their business performance and market. Instead of spending hours collecting and analyzing, then writing reports manually, many POS now can help them with this. 

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Data, after being synchronized between warehouses and systems, will be analyzed in depth to inform businesses of possible problems within their process as well as what to do in the future. Real-time reporting can not only keep businesses up to date with the latest market trends but also predict market demands in the long run.

Our Story

Being first introduced in 2011, ConnectPOS has now become one of the leading POS providers for all sizes and all types of businesses. There are more than 2000 businesses worldwide that choose ConnectPOS to be their POS provider, many of whom are wholesalers. The reason is that ConnectPOS provides them a wide range of features that can facilitate retail stores and optimize wholesale processes. All of the above-mentioned POS wholesale features are included in our system along with many other advanced features. If you want to take a closer look at how it works, don’t hesitate to contact us and have a 14 – day free trial of experiencing our global standard solution. 

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