Enhancing Compliance and Security with top 5 Gun Store POS software ConnectPOS Content Creator October 12, 2023

Enhancing Compliance and Security with top 5 Gun Store POS software

gun store POS software

In the world of gun stores, using the right technology is super important to follow the rules and keep things safe. That’s where gun store Point of Sale (POS) software comes in. It’s like a special computer program that helps gun stores do their jobs better. In this article, we’re going to talk about the top five gun store POS software choices that are making a big difference. These tools not only help with keeping track of guns and stuff but also make sure that everything is done correctly and safely.

What is Gun Shop POS Software?

Simply put, a gun store POS system is like special cash register software made just for stores that sell guns. It helps these stores with their everyday tasks. The reason a regular cash register won’t work for gun shops is that they have to follow a bunch of rules about guns in their area. So, these special POS systems are built to follow those rules.

Now, there’s another important job for these systems: collecting information from customers and the numbers on the guns they buy. This is needed to follow the rules set by the FFL (Federal Firearms License) and ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives). Since these rules change sometimes, having a strong system to rely on is helpful.

Apart from following the rules, using a gun shop POS system just makes things easier. It can:

  • Automate several in-store processes, thereby enhancing efficiency.
  • Keep track of how many guns are in the store and their special numbers in real-time.
  • Work together with the special book needed for FFL rules.
  • Help the store grow by supporting marketing efforts.
  • Make selling guns and getting paid smoother.

Top 5 Gun Store POS Software Solutions


ConnectPOS stands out as the leading gun store POS software, ensuring efficient and compliant firearm retail operations. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, ConnectPOS offers a comprehensive solution for gun retailers to streamline transactions and uphold security standards.

ConnectPOS not only simplifies point-of-sale tasks but also empowers gun shops to enhance customer experiences, manage multi-source inventory with precision, and facilitate seamless sales processes. This top choice in the realm of gun store POS software optimizes every facet of firearm retail, supporting both business growth and regulatory adherence.

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  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Smooth payment processing
  • Customizability for your needs
  • Integration with eCommerce
  • Customer account management
  • Detailed sales reporting

Bravo Store Systems

Bravo Store Systems specializes in making sure you’re following all the rules set by ATF. If you’re all about playing by the rules, they’re the ones to go to, and you won’t need to stress about understanding all the regulations.

Once you’ve set up their POS system and know how to use it well, it becomes a really helpful tool. It does a bunch of things automatically, like dealing with commissions, discounts, and returns. Bravo also includes all the regular POS features like online and in-store sales, easy invoicing, and keeping track of what’s in stock. So, they’ve got all the bases covered.

But what makes them unique is their ATF Portal. This special feature gives you everything you need to manage those E4473 forms for new transactions. You can keep records digitally and easily do checks and traces if needed. It’s like having a helper to take care of all the paperwork stuff for you.


  • All-in-one solution
  • Excellent choice for staying compliant
  • Affordable starting cost


  • Can be a bit challenging to train staff on it


If you’re looking to boost sales in your store right now and you need a gun shop POS system that can give you a hand with that, Orchid POS might be a good choice. It’s packed with a bunch of tools designed to help your business grow.

When it comes to gun store POS software features, Orchid is tough to beat. It’s like a one-stop shop for everything related to guns, and you won’t need to use any extra outside software because it’s got all the things you need – from keeping track of your stuff to making invoices and handling rentals. You can even sell extra items online using Orchid’s e-commerce to clear out any extra stock.

Orchid doesn’t skimp on making sure you’re following the rules either. It helps with things like searching through your A&D book, managing form 4473, and keeping tabs on serial numbers. If you ever run into problems, their customer service is really friendly and available most of the time.


  • Impressive features to boost earnings and expansion
  • Aiding in marketing strategies
  • Clear software pricing
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  • Separate and necessary hardware expenses

Rapid Gun Systems

The actual POS system itself is pretty basic, without any flashy features. It meets ATF compliance standards and handles tasks automatically, like inventory and tracking customer details. When compared to the other options mentioned, it’s not particularly unique. However, Rapid Gun Systems more than makes up for this with its remarkable support for shooting ranges.

Rapid Gun Systems offers impressive features tailored for shooting range management. These include automated tracking of rented guns, overseeing multiple shooting ranges, and even a waitlist feature for when all lanes are occupied.

One downside is that the system doesn’t include built-in functionality for managing range memberships. You need to integrate third-party software called EZFacility, but it’s well-designed and doesn’t create major issues. With this addition, your customers can book shooting lanes and training sessions online, make payments, and even reschedule if necessary.


  • Excellent assistance for shooting ranges
  • Easy management of customer accounts
  • Following ATF rules


  • Can be a bit tricky to use
  • Challenging to troubleshoot when issues arise

MicroBiz Cloud

If you’re just getting started and your budget for premium gun store POS software is limited, we suggest considering MicroBiz Cloud. It’s designed specifically for small businesses, is affordable, user-friendly, and offers great value for its cost.

While its POS features are standard, they do the job effectively. You can keep track of inventory in real time, handle orders, and even set up automatic purchasing. The reporting feature is quite impressive too, generating detailed reports with ease. I asked for various types of graphs, charts, and statements, and it only took a single click.

MicroBiz Cloud operates as web-based software, allowing you to oversee your sales from anywhere using a desktop, iPad, or Mac. However, as mentioned before, being cloud-based has both pros and cons. You can manage your shop from almost anywhere in the world, but if you can’t access the internet, your options become limited.


  • Being cost-effective
  • In-depth reports
  • Being user-friendly


  • Limited customization options

Top Features for Gun Store POS Systems

  • Serial Number Tracking

Keeping a record of serial numbers is crucial for regulated items like guns and firearms. The best POS systems for gun shops enable you to include gun serial numbers in the product details during acquisition. These serial numbers can be easily scanned through barcodes or manually entered into the POS software.

  • Electronic A&D Bound Book with 4473
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This A&D book efficiently logs all gun sales, grants access to firearm histories, generates ATF-compliant reports and offers the convenience of daily backups. These digital bound books incorporate 4473 forms that buyers can fill out on any device, such as iPads, making NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) background checks swift and efficient within minutes.

  • Firearm Vendor Catalogs

Gun shops stock products from diverse distributors and suppliers. POS systems tailored for firearm dealers simplify the process for FFLs to bring in items from various vendor catalogs. The integration with vendor catalogs can involve live feeds, enabling FFLs to access real-time stock levels and receive updated pricing information effortlessly.

  • Work Orders for Repairs and Gunsmithing

This capability aids in managing firearm modifications, gunsmithing, and repairs. The work order functionalities empower you to effortlessly check in customer-owned items, incorporate parts and services, allocate tasks to employees, and seamlessly collect deposits.

  • Special Orders for Out-of-Stock Items

Gun shops frequently receive customer requests to buy guns and accessories that aren’t currently available in their inventory. Leading gun store POS software effectively handles the sale of items not in stock through a unique order process.

  • Inventory Management with Reorder Levels

Effective inventory management holds immense importance for gun stores. The finest POS systems designed for gun shops provide up-to-the-minute information about stock levels across all store locations, encompassing available stock, committed stock, and items on order.

This allows for swift item scanning through barcodes or easy addition with a single tap. The system should provide the ability to apply discounts to single items, groups of items, or entire transactions. Moreover, performing price checks and swiftly checking inventory should also be effortless and efficient.

In Conclusion,

Staying on the right side of the law and ensuring gun stores are secure is important. At ConnectPOS, we can make a big impact on how things are done. So, if you’re in the gun store business, it’s a smart idea to check out our options for great gun store POS software. Our expertise can help make your work smoother, keep track of everything, and, most importantly, make sure you’re following the rules and keeping everyone safe. 

Contact us today – it’s a step toward a better and safer future for your gun store and the people it serves.

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