Top 5 BigCommerce Inventory Management App In 2023 ConnectPOS Content Creator September 30, 2023

Top 5 BigCommerce Inventory Management App In 2023

BigCommerce Inventory Management App

Inventory management is always a highly crucial part of retail eCommerce business. If you are a new BigCommerce retailer, everything appears to be easy to manage with a few warehouses with a few products. However, when your business scales up with more products and warehouses, inventory management will be much more complicated. Especially if you want to develop an omnichannel retail business without a solid BigCommerce inventory management system, you may soon get overwhelmed. 

To support retailers to grow sustainably, BigCommerce has cooperated with different third-party developers and provides many technology solutions in the marketplace. Let’s take a look at some of the best BigCommerce inventory management apps for your business. 


ConnectPOS is a leading BigCommerce inventory management app developed by ConnectRetail in 2011. The solutions can greatly facilitate all retail stores created in any among BigCommerce versions. Over years, ConnectPOS has cooperated with more than a hundred of BigCommerce retail businesses. The solution can not only provide you with a wide range of robust features for the inventory management process but also every other aspect of retail business including sales and customer management. 

With ConnectPOS, retail store owners can closely monitor multiple warehouses with all data recorded and saved in the system in real time. The system will automatically analyze and produce insightful reports on your inventory operations later on. 

Besides, you can also transfer inventory across store and warehouse locations in just a few clicks. Hence, you can ensure that all inventory is distributed effectively. Moreover, this amazing BigCommerce inventory app enables you to create and send quotations to potential prospects and encourage wholesale orders. 

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Pulse Commerce

Pulse Commerce offers various features that shed the burden on handling multiple channel retail. With Pulse Commerce, you are able to keep track of your inventory levels at every time period regardless of how many channels you sell your products on. This solution can offer intelligent automation and optimize fulfilment based on customer location, margin and fulfilment time.

Also, the Pulse Commerce empowers retailers with the ability to detect fraud and highly secure payment processing when capturing sales. This BigCommerce inventory solution can produce reports on demand and effectively reflect business performance. 


Ecomdash is an ideal BigCommerce inventory management app for small retailers with multiple sales channels. This solution updates all data related to product quantities at realtime, hence you can avoid stock problems such as under or overstock.

With the aim of supporting retailers to easily keep track of sales channels, Ecomdash generates intuitive dashboards with all necessary inventory data. Ecomdash also enables you to save time and effort by allowing you to perform actions in bulk.


BackOrder is a BigCommerce app developed by GritGlobal. The solution can save retailers from being out-of-stock by allowing customers to keep on purchasing item understock items. This feature supports retailers to retain customers before they leave for other stores. 

Also, BackOrder enables you to customize messages and notifications, which are sent to customers in order to increase conversions. Additionally, this app can provide you real-time reports and analytics on your inventory status.  


The fifth BigCommerce inventory management app for today is SKULabs. SKULabs offers one of the best shipping and fulfilment features that greatly simplify these processes. Also, all returns and location transfers are accurately managed  via barcode scanning features.

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Another excellent feature of SKULabs is low-stock alerts. Retailers can set up these features and the system will automatically update stock across every sale platform.


Here are our recommendations for some powerful BigCommerce inventory management apps in the market. Each of them with particular features will be suitable for particular retail stores as well as business demands. And make sure that you have carefully evaluated every solution that you are going to apply for your stores. If you are interested in our ConnectPOS solution, contact us today and have 14-day free trial of experiencing this excellent inventory management

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