WooCommerce vs Wix: Which is the best for SME? Huong Vu October 13, 2023

WooCommerce vs Wix: Which is the best for SME?

WooCommerce vs Wix: Which is the best for SME?

Any user who is new to online shopping must choose the best platform to meet all of their needs. Woocommerce vs Wix are two well-known brands that rank highly in this field. Both have received positive user feedback and have a wealth of appealing features.

Are Wix or WooCommerce the best options to launch your online business? Is switching platforms – from Woocommerce vs Wix or vice versa – worth it? These are some of the difficult choices you may have to make, whether or not you are new to the eCommerce market. Although Wix and WooCommerce are both excellent platforms, they are actually rather dissimilar.

Let’s explore what they have to offer and how they stack up against one another.

What is Wix?

A website builder called Wix is geared toward beginners who want to design their websites without having to deal with any code. Between Woocommerce vs Wix, instead of requiring you to purchase an external hosting plan as WooCommerce does, Wix is a hosted solution that provides its own hosting on servers.

Wix, which was founded in 2006 and now powers more than 200 million websites, has gained popularity because to its marketing efforts. It is considered to be the best e-commerce website builder for small enterprises and non-technical individuals.

Wix’s incredibly user-friendly user interface makes it easy for almost anyone to get started, and since it offers a free subscription, you may explore all of its features without obligation.

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What is WooCommerce?

WordPress uses the open-source plugin WooCommerce. Beginning as WooThemes in 2008, this content management system was eventually purchased by Automattic in 2015. Then in 2017, it was made to exclusively focus on e-commerce.

Over 6.6 million websites are currently powered by the most popular e-commerce platform, WooCommerce (source: BuiltWith). It is a free plugin that you can download from the WordPress repository and install on your WP site to instantly start an online store.

You can manage payments and inventory, sell your goods and services, and sort your taxes automatically with the help of this e-commerce plugin. WooCommerce may be set up for free; all you need to do is pay a reputable WooCommerce hosting company to support your business with strong security and benefit from improved speed.

Which Is Better WooCommerce or Wix?


The reason WooCommerce is a well-known eCommerce platform is that it may be used for a variety of online stores and is quite adaptable.

With WooCommerce, you can sell tangible goods, digital goods, and even services. Additionally, it works well for companies of all sizes, from little startups to huge conglomerates. It also works effortlessly with the most widely used CMS (Content Management System) in the world because it is built on WordPress.


Another well-liked eCommerce platform is Wix. It’s simple to use, and you can use it to build a lovely online store.

It’s excellent for startups and small enterprises that are just going into eCommerce. With Wix, you may sell tangible goods, digital goods, or services. Additionally, it seamlessly interacts with WordPress, much like WooCommerce.

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