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Top 10 Best Shopify POS apps for a seamless omnichannel journey

best Shopify POS apps

The growing need of most companies to synchronize physical store and electronic store operations is still facing many difficulties. Today, however, this is very simple to do because businesses can use one of Shopify’s best POS apps. In this article, we would like to introduce the top 10 best Shopify POS apps for a seamless omnichannel journey.

Top 10 best Shopify POS apps for a seamless omnichannel journey


ConnectPOS is a globally popular cloud-based Shopify POS app. This application is suitable for businesses at all sizes because it offers many complex features at an affordable price. This application allows businesses to accurately track activities in the sales process by helping to synchronize all data between online and physical retail locations. In addition, updating inventory information quickly and accurately makes managing your omnichannel business easier. You can try this app with the free trial version.

Point of Sale by Shopify

Point of Sale by Shopify is a great POS app that helps you experience a seamless omnichannel selling journey. The software has an easy-to-use interface with flexible features and innovative customization tools that make this POS system adaptable to a variety of business and working styles.


Vend is a POS application that has all the standard features of a retail POS along with many other innovative functions. This Shopify app is famous for its complex inventory management and user-friendly operation. Vend allows users to utilize these inventory features across offline to online sales channels. This helps businesses have a seamless omnichannel journey.

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Erply is Shopify’s most adaptable POS application. It’s easy to use and easily integrates with other compatible devices businesses want to connect. Besides, Erply POS also provides businesses with outstanding features such as management for items, prices and promotions.


Lightspeed is the most used POS application on Shopify. Businesses that are usually chain stores or companies with many branches and medium to large sizes all love this application because Lightspeed provides excellent management features for inventory, customer relations. customers, manage employees and record reports. With prices starting from $69/month, your retail business will experience the most basic features.


If your business is looking for a flexible Shopify POS app, Square will be a great choice. This application is suitable for many types of businesses from restaurants, to retail and other services. With outstanding features like synchronizing online and physical store data, managing customer programs, and managing business activities and alerts, Square is a great app for today’s retail businesses that desire an omnichannel experience.

Epos Now

Your business will easily synchronize omnichannel business if you use the Epos Now app on Shopify. This application helps businesses transfer data more smoothly. With this application, you will easily manage inventory, sales data and can receive specific business reports. Product information, orders, inventory, and customer data are synchronized between systems, helping you monitor all business activities with less pressure.

GoFrugal POS Connect

GoFrugal POS Connect is a useful Shopify POS app that allows the integration of products in the sales channels of the business, easy editing of product information and easy synchronization of stores to help create a great omnichannel business. 

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 LS Retail

The LS Retail app is, as its name suggests, a POS app that makes it easy for retailers to start trading online without the costs and risks associated with other fully integrated solutions. This application is used to help businesses easily integrate products across sales channels. In addition, product information, inventory levels are always updated and notified to help businesses operate seamlessly.


DeskPOS is a great application on Shopify that helps businesses easily synchronize their online and in-store business because they can quickly add products to the management. This application allows you to experience its basic features for free and with the integration of printers, scanners and cash drawers, you will have a seamless omnichannel business experience.


Best Shopify POS apps with many features, such as allowing your company to receive payments from customers or monitor business activities, are beneficial for businesses. Contact us if your business needs the best business management support application.

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