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Upgrade Glassware POS System Business

Glassware POS

Glassware POS is crucial for you to take the lead. Indeed, the study has stated that the point-of-sale system market has reached more than nine billion USD in 2020. Should you be in the market for a piece of POS software for your glassware business, this post is for you. We put together the top 3 best choices today. 

Why does your glassware business need a POS system?

POS allows glassware stores to make every one of their operations simpler by decreasing their labor efforts, mistakes, and amplifying the business. With a suitable solution, you can maintain online and in-store purchase orders in one place with ease. By how? It integrates with eCommerce sites and handles every order in a unified platform. The system likewise assists in automating transactions and giving relevant insights about customer behaviors and so on. 

Top 3 glassware POS systems


Trusted by thousands of retail businesses around the globe, ConnectPOS is a cloud-based POS solution provider dedicated to the ultimate omnichannel shopping experience. In 2021, it was among the Stevie Award winners in Product Innovation. 

This POS software is accessible on various main eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify and Magento. It has notable omnichannel attributes such as the PWA Consumer App and click-and-collect feature. You may also like that ConnectPOS does not charge an extra fee for 3rd-party payments, works well with various devices like mobiles and PCs, and enables multi-warehouse and multi-store control. 

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It provides three pricing plans for each device, beginning from 39 USD per month. Better yet, a 14-day free trial is accessible.


ShopKeep is another recommended glassware POS provider with several outstanding options for customization. In other words, it enables you to select the hardware and attributes you want. The back-office attributes are powerful, with great reporting highlights. 

This provider’s POS software combines a cloud and local system. Clover, iPads, and other devices working with its app can store locally and back information up in the cloud. There are three pricing plans for ShopKeep. The basic plan is 49 USD per month, billed yearly. There are also essential and advanced plans whose prices are higher. 


AccuPOS is another suitable option for glassware businesses. It pairs smoothly with accounting software and makes exporting sales information simple. The system is likewise super straightforward to set up and use. 

On the one hand, AccuPOS does not come with the ultimate set of attributes and integrations accessible with ConnectPOS and ShopKeep. On the other hand, glassware business owners can upload an adequate level of stocks and deliver every necessary user management and reporting for the best decision-making. This cloud software works with any point of sale hardware and PC devices (except Apple). 

Its pricing is given with a custom quote. That is because your payment has to do with the level of attributes you select. Do you intend to use one of the glassware POS systems above? Should it be ConnectPOS, we are happy to support you. Contact us for further info!

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