Make restaurant management a piece of cake with these 5 Magento POS Steven P July 25, 2022
Make restaurant management a piece of cake with these 5 Magento POS

Magento POS is a system that plays a vital role in running the business and towards high business efficiency. In this article, we would like to introduce 5 Magento restaurant POS systems that make managing your restaurant as easy as a piece of cake.

5 Magento restaurant POS systems 


ConnectPOS is one of the best Magento restaurant POS systems reviewed. This POS system promises to bring your restaurant many unique POS features, ensuring you receive a reliable management support tool. ConnectPOS is rated as a top Magento POS because it integrates with most Magento extensions such as payment gateways, loyalty programs and gift cards.

In addition, this POS also helps restaurants to synchronize data automatically across sales channels, control inventory, support new custom menus and many suitable features for staff management and other restaurant services. You can try it for free with the 14-day free trial version offered

Make restaurant management a piece of cake with these 5 Magento POS


Magestore is a highly rated Magento restaurant POS system. Magestore has all the features of Magento, including extended ones. This POS system makes it easy for restaurants to synchronize data about inventory and customers. Magestore POS can also work in offline mode to keep the restaurant uninterrupted. Along with that, it also supports multiple payment options like cash, check, card, store credit. The system is priced based on your restaurant’s requirements, especially if it only requires a one-time payment and you can get a full refund in 365 days if you are not satisfied with the system.

Make restaurant management a piece of cake with these 5 Magento POS

Lightspeed Retail POS

When it comes to one of the best Magento restaurant POS systems, we can’t help but mention Lightspeed POS for Magento. Lightspeed helps restaurants focus on synchronizing orders and related information. The features on the system are all mobile responsive and templates can be freely customized. The system also has built-in tools to boost SEO and increase traffic. In particular, it helps restaurants to store customer information, create loyalty programs and allow online ordering to help provide a great customer experience.

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Lightspeed POS has 3 service plans with prices ranging from $39 to $289 to suit the requirements of each restaurant.

Make restaurant management a piece of cake with these 5 Magento POS

Square POS

Square is also the most popular Magento POS system for restaurants. Depending on the size and needs of your business, it offers different services and even a free version for startups.

Just like other Magento restaurant POS systems, Square also offers features such as automatic synchronization of inventory and sales data, support for different payment options, and storage of customer information. More specifically, with Square POS, restaurants are also supported with text and email marketing methods to promote promotional campaigns to help attract more customers. Restaurants can experience Square for $60/month with processing fees and hardware fees depending on choice.

Make restaurant management a piece of cake with these 5 Magento POS

Webkul POS

Webkul has all the features of a Magento POS system for restaurants at an affordable cost. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, your restaurant can easily manage payments, inventory and orders quickly.

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Webkul supports stock and restaurant status tracking and assigns sales representatives to each restaurant. The system also allows working in offline mode, supports reservations and payments, and helps restaurants generate reports on sales, taxes, and profits. Webkul’s POS is priced at $249 along with $39.80 for its installation fee and a one-time payment only.


Magento POS systems not only help restaurants to be managed more systematically but also help restaurants operate efficiently and earn high profits. If you are looking for a great POS system for your restaurant, feel free to contact us.

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