Spotlight the key NetSuite pos feature Huong Vu September 30, 2023

Spotlight the key NetSuite pos feature

Spotlight the key NetSuite pos feature

Point-of-sale (POS) is known as an optimal solution to help manage sales in an extremely effective way. The usefulness of POS to help reduce the burden of money, inventory, and employee management has made these systems more and more popular. The NetSuite POS software gives users the full range of transaction capabilities on not only brick-and-mortar but also eCommerce stores. In this article, we would like to introduce this solution and the NetSuite POS feature so that users can easily make their decision.

Order and Inventory Management

The NetSuite POS feature supports unified stores with backend business systems, providing a single source of items, orders, and inventory. That feature is order management and inventory management. NetSuite helps businesses manage order-related business processes for goods or services across all sales channels seamlessly. Retailers will be able to coordinate the entire fulfillment process from order collection, inventory, and delivery capabilities to service availability. Order management is involved in almost every system and process in the supply chain. It is related to many other service providers. As a result, manual processes are often costly, and NetSuite’s solution is the perfect choice to help control costs and generate revenue by automating manual processes and reducing errors

Real-Time Sales Reporting

Another NetSuite POS feature that is the highlight of this system is real-time sales reporting. This support helps organizations make better business decisions with a real-time view of store stats, sales performance, and cash management. The information is very important, containing the necessary data to evaluate the effectiveness of the sales strategy that the brand is applying and the performance of employees during the reporting period. Once this specific metric is in place, retailers can properly allocate and optimize resources. Besides, they can also review and re-select marketing campaigns or business tactics that meet market needs.

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Mobile POS

Mobile POS (aka mPOS) is a popular choice for many brands today. In particular, restaurant businesses or pop-up stores love this solution. The NetSuite POS feature also includes this feature. It helps users to quickly make transactions and accept multiple payment methods like cash, exchange, and return. Besides, the user interface is compatible with many devices, which will give customers an enhanced experience because they can easily manipulate and interact anywhere in the store, at any time.

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ConnectPOS is a leading cloud POS solution that supports fast and seamless integration with NetSuite. This system provides a powerful centralized data feature that comes with the Multi-Source Inventory solution to help retailers easily update and get an overview of their business. Notably, ConnectPOS also has many integrations with third parties such as accounting and billing, which helps your organization to easily maximize business efficiency. This system also provides an mPOS solution for businesses that want to save space for stores and time for customers. In addition, this solution is suitable for many types of businesses from retail, restaurants, hotels, salons, or other special businesses.


NetSuite POS feature provides quick and necessary support to users to make business easier. Not only providing the above basic features, NetSuite also supports organizations to connect with third parties to improve business processes and meet the development needs of each type of business. If you are looking for a system that supports powerful sales features, feel free to contact us.

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