6 New Features Support Shopify Omnichannel Shopping ConnectPOS Content Creator September 24, 2023

6 New Features Support Shopify Omnichannel Shopping

Shopify Omnichannel Shopping

Shopify is one of the leading platforms supporting various Shopify omnichannel shopping retailers worldwide. With the concern of problems arising during the covid 19 pandemic, Shopify has introduced several new omnichannel features and solutions to help retailers adapt to post-pandemic market demands. Here’s a quick rundown of each new solution:

A better online shop

Shopify omnichannel shopping has also launched Express, a new one-page theme that allows shoppers to get online quickly. These features were created to best fit in with local restaurants and coffee shops in mind, but every retail can gain profit from this development.

In addition, since March 20, Shopify has enabled all retailers creating businesses on its platform to offer gift cards with the aim of gaining more customers.

Purchase now and pay later

Shopify’s latest “buy now, pay later” alternative – Shop Pay Installments – will allow customers to break transactions into four equal payments over time, interest-free and with no extra fees. Shopify will begin Shop Pay Installments later in 2020 in collaboration with a partner. It will be open to Shopify Payments-eligible merchants in the United States.

Local delivery is available

Shopify has started rolling out a new product for retailers worldwide that will boost and simplify local distribution. In recent days, retailers are able to:

  • identify a local delivery area using a distance radius or ZIP/postal codes
  • Set local delivery fees and minimum order prices
  • Fulfill local orders using Shopify, Shopify POS System, and Shopify Mobile
  • Optimize delivery routes,
  • Send customer updates when deliveries are on their way.
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Sense of achievement

The Shopify omnichannel Fulfillment Network, launched in 2019, now accepts retailer applications after graduating from its early access point. The network invests in infrastructure and a robotics workforce that works together. Shopify has opened its first research and development center in Ottawa, Canada, to test new robotics and fulfillment technologies, iterate and expand warehouse operations, and fulfill orders placed in Canada.

Control on Shopify

Shopify omnichannel balance will provide retailers with essential financial products to help them launch, operate, and expand their businesses. This will include 

  • A one-stop account inside the Shopify admin
  • Physical and virtual cards that merchants can use to access their money in-store, mobile, online, and ATMs
  • Cashback and discount incentives on daily business spending suchs as shipping and marketing. 

There are no subscription payments or minimum balance requirements. In the United States, Shopify Balance will be available in early access later this year.

Video material for social sale

Consumers watch videos for around a third of their online time. Customers are up to 85% more likely to purchase a product after seeing a video about it, as we’ve previously said. To summarize now is the ideal time for social sale through video to become a big trend.

Bottom line,

Thanks to numerous outstanding features, Shopify has now become one of the most reliable partners of omnichannel retailers in the eCommerce industry.

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