Shopify monthly cost: Answers to your most common questions Huong Vu October 12, 2023

Shopify monthly cost: Answers to your most common questions

Shopify monthly cost: Answers to your most common questions

Shopify is a popular platform of choice for eCommerce businesses. For Shopify store owners, paying Shopify fees is one of the mandatory requirements to be able to continue the online business process. However, for a business that is just starting to use Shopify, it would be better if they actively learn carefully about the costs it takes to run a Shopify business right from the start. In this article, we would like to answer common questions about Shopify monthly cost.

Overview of Shopify and Shopify monthly cost

The leading eCommerce platform Shopify allows users who are businesses and brands to create online sales websites based on the cloud SaaS model. Here, they can create their own online sales website with all the features such as product posting, shopping cart, payment, goods management, or social networking.

Shopify monthly cost refers to the monthly cost that users have to pay for the services they purchase from this software. These services are offered in optionally priced plans from the basic plan ($25 per month) to the most advanced plan ($399 per month). Each service package comes with its own utilities and features tailored to the needs of businesses.

Which plan best suits your needs?

As mentioned above, Shopify monthly cost is offered in three service packages. The different plans bring with firms or e-retailers different features and abilities.

The Basic Shopify plan costs $25/month. It is suitable for organizations starting a small business or trying to build an online storefront for an existing store. If your store is small and just needs a little eCommerce functionality, then this is the plan for you. However, if your product is pricey or you sell a lot, that expensive transaction fee of 2.9% + 30¢ adds up quickly. Besides, the Shopify plan for $65/month will be suitable for small stores that are growing quickly and need a powerful website. This package includes more detailed reporting features and data such as gift cards and abandoned cart recovery. A small business may not miss out on these features, but the bigger they grow, the more revenue they generate. If your website currently brings in around $5000 in monthly revenue, then this is the plan for you. In addition, the $399/month Advanced Shopify plan would be a great choice for a medium-to-large online store that could grow further. The services in this package come with excellent shipping, the lowest transaction fees, and even more advanced reporting. At the most expensive price, this Shopify monthly cost plan will help business users to recoup some or all of their monthly costs thanks to additional features and lower fees.

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Merchants often question whether Shopify is right for them. To answer this question, they can try the free trial version of Shopify. If they find it fits their needs, they can get one of the plans for just $1 per month for the first three months. Additionally, the question is whether they have to pay any extra fees other than Shopify monthly cost. Of course, they will have to pay transaction fees and this will significantly affect their bottom line. However, the transaction fees exist to continually keep their store powered, and are only charged when someone purchases a product. To remove this fee, users can consider using Shopify payment.

ConnectPOS is a leading point-of-sale system in the cloud that can help connect to Shopify quickly and easily. This software will make the organization’s business profitable by the extremely tight management support for each of the business stages, helping to minimize errors.


Shopify monthly cost is given and analyzed above to help businesses choose the right service package for them. Choosing a suitable service package will help users reduce costs and increase efficiency. Contact us to connect with Shopify as soon as possible.

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