Sex toy statistics to know before going omnichannel with your intimate store ConnectPOS Content Creator October 14, 2022

Sex toy statistics to know before going omnichannel with your intimate store

sex toy statistics

Are you looking for sex toy statistics before going omnichannel with your intimate store? Then, you are in the right place. This post has put together the most significant pieces of stats to read before you start your business in this flourishing field.

It is not only females making use of sex toys

Market research conducted by Technavio reveals intriguing insights into the use of sex toys in America. The data indicates that approximately 50% of men in the country have embraced the occasional use of these intimate products. Notably, the numbers are even higher among females, with around 60 to 65% of women reporting their use of sex toys. These statistics highlight the increasing acceptance and popularity of these products among both genders, as individuals seek to enhance their intimate experiences and explore new dimensions of pleasure and satisfaction. This evolving trend reflects a growing openness and progressive attitude toward sexual wellness and self-expression, making the sex toy industry a vibrant and expanding sector of the market.

People in Europe are larger purchasers than those in the United States

Also, according to Technavio, compared to the United States, Europe is the winner when it comes to buying power. For instance, up to 70% of females and males in Italy would have made use of a sex-related toy at a certain time.

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Female empowerment is crucial to the growth

According to Erica, of whom father Ron co-established Doc Johnson – a sex toy company firm, the sex toy’s perception and imagery have seen an entire change. A lot of this is associated with females – selling and purchasing alike. Feminism plays a considerable part. She stated that empowering females justified the reason this sector has grown substantially these days. 

Sex toy statistics see a boost

The outlook for this particular market is undeniably promising, with projections indicating significant growth. Over the period spanning from 2020 to 2025, it is anticipated that the market share will surge by an impressive sum, exceeding $17 billion. What’s even more noteworthy is the expected acceleration in growth momentum, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 12%. This robust expansion underscores the industry’s vitality and its ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace. As the market continues to surge forward, it presents ample opportunities for businesses to explore and capitalize on, making it a dynamic and exciting landscape for both established players and newcomers alike.

Online sales have become critical to this growth

Lovehoney, an eCommerce sex toy retail business, worked to generate 100,000 euros when launching 19 years ago. Also, it has grown by more than 30% annually since then. Many years since its first complete year of running, they have boosted their sales over 125-fold. Generally, the ability to purchase online has changed things positively. 

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Couples take a big proportion of the market

According to Richard who co-established Lovehoney, sex toys have been popular among couples. Those using sex toys give more fantastic remarks on their sex lives compared to those who do not. Also, according to Neal, another co-founder of the company, 70% of the company’s customers regard themselves as those with a long, solid relationship.The above sex toy statistics point out that these objects are an enjoyable approach for people to improve their relationships. Their international sales have grown so much. Particularly, to go omnichannel with your intimate store, consider using ConnectPOS. Do not hesitate to reach us for further information! 

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