Selling gift card to optimize your marketing strategy Huong Vu October 10, 2023

Selling gift card to optimize your marketing strategy

Selling gift card to optimize your marketing strategy

Gift cards are one of the forms of customer gratitude that retailers offer to encourage consumers to shop. However, nowadays many people have so many gift cards at the store that they cannot use them. Therefore, they may consider other ways to convert them to cash, which is to sell the cards. In this article, we would like to provide information to help sell gift card to optimize the business’s marketing strategy.

Overview of the gift card and “sell gift card”

Gift cards can take many forms. It can be a prepaid stored-value card, usually issued by a retailer or bank, used as an alternative to cash in a particular store or at related businesses. This is an incentive for consumers to purchase at the relevant retailers. It is not exchangeable for cash, and in some cases may be subject to an expiration date or fee. 

Gift cards are given by the stores of businesses, beauty services, and organizations as rewards or gifts to show gratitude to customers or those who are attached to the store. They can also be distributed by retailers and marketers as part of a promotional strategy, to entice users to return to the store. Businesses will give this card often on festive occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, company founding day, brand launch day, Black Friday, and Mid-Autumn Festival to attract consumers.

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Selling gift cards is quite popular these days as it is part of the retailers’ marketing campaigns. They will attract buyers to pay attention to their brand during major holidays so that customers can come to buy and thereby increase sales for the store. Selling this product will bring many benefits to customers and sellers.

How selling gift cards can help to optimize marketing strategy and Tips for business

First of all, to sell gift card to help optimize marketing strategies, sellers must pay attention to the content and programs in the gift card. Retailers can use gift cards as incentives and rewards for games, surveys, or festivals to attract attention and make shoppers feel welcome. This is also a good way to increase sales, especially upselling because it pushes buyers to buy up to a specific threshold. Selling gift cards through rewards will increase customer engagement and offer outstanding marketing programs such as using gift cards to buy goods at a more economical price, discounting the total bill, and many other programs. 

Besides, a good way to sell gift card is also a way to attract and build new leads from the landing page. The landing page will help to collect information on buyers by filling out the survey form to receive. From there, businesses can send emails or messages to offer new offers and turn gift voucher recipients into customers. To do this, sellers need to have a smooth and efficient website that is easy to drive traffic and conversions and is optimized for both search engines and user experience.

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Besides sending emails or text messages, using multiple marketing channels to sell gift card is also a good way to optimize your marketing strategy. Today’s social platforms capture customers’ attention and help boost engagement, increase brand awareness, and generate more leads from a business’s landing page.

ConnectPOS is a perfect support tool for creating and selling gift cards to help optimize marketing strategies. Along with that, sales processes are also supported. For example, order management and inventory and customer management help optimize sales and operations.


“Sell gift card” is a good way to support your business’ marketing strategies. It helps to increase revenue and attract more customers to the business. If you are looking for a POS system (point of sale) that supports this sale, feel free to contact us.

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