Where to find a pop up store for rent? Huong Vu October 14, 2023

Where to find a pop up store for rent?

Where to find a pop up store for rent?

Pop-up businesses provide great foot traffic and promote top-of-mind brand awareness. Yet, before kicking it off, where can you find a pop up store for rent? That is why we are here to walk you through this important step.

Pop-up store databases

As you may notice, there is an impressive pool of online databases associated with pop-up store spaces at hand. You may visit Storefront and other comparable sites that inform business operators about local listings of these spaces. This approach to discovering a pop up store for rent is genuinely simple, probably being the most advisable way of starting your search.

Reach out to brick-and-mortars

Else, should you be finding a less sizable space within another venue, our recommendation is to reach out to brick-and-mortars in your local area. Maybe a local food establishment has empty space and thinks its diners will be interested in your products. 

Otherwise, perhaps a retail business that is not open on the weekend will consider allowing you to run a store during those days they do not work. 

Reach out to realtors and landlords for a pop up store for rent

Another great approach to give the middleman a miss is reaching out to realtors and landlords. Should you notice an unoccupied storefront in a fantastic location with lots of potential foot traffic from your target audience, what are you waiting for but contact the real estate agent for the vacancy status of that location? Let’s say it seems to be vacant, the space landlord may think about a proposal for your pop up store for rent. Short-term rents are best for landlords concerned about failing to collect another month’s rent on an empty location. 

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List the features you want for your pop up store for rent

After having a better idea of where to find a pop up store for rent, what’s next? Should you list every feature you need from your ideal store space, you are on the way to success. One of them should be a POS system regarded as the most fundamental and crucial technological system to own if you aim for a balance between popularity and profitability.

Good POS software like ConnectPOS plays a big role in this regard. It will be your business command center, allowing you to synchronize data in real-time, manage transactions easily, and process payments for multiple payment methods. With it, you can keep tabs on all sorts of data, for example, stock, sales, HR, and customers. It is safe to state that ConnectPOS is among the best value options out there.

In conclusion, search for where to find a pop up store for rent beforehand so that you can have as many good options as possible. Particularly, consider our guide above. At the end of the day, you will be able to find the ideal space that you want. Call us for what’s next to thrive this new business. Do not forget that we are always glad to get back to you.

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