Be the flower of the industry with this top 5 POS for florist Huong Vu October 16, 2023

Be the flower of the industry with this top 5 POS for florist

Be the flower of the industry with this top 5 POS for florist

Different florist stores have different characteristics. But there is something they share in common, one of which is organizing their business. In this type of business, you should ensure your ability to monitor stocks, accept various payment options, and more. A POS for florist is the only and ultimate system that can assist you in such tasks. Here, we have curated a list of the top 5 POS for retailers in this field. Be the flower of the industry with them!


ConnectPOS is a leading cloud-based POS system trusted by florists. It has a fast check-out process and unmatched precision of calculation. The software runs smoothly on different platforms, including both PC and mobile. 

Some of ConnectPOS’s best attributes are multiple payment options, offline mode, taking deposits, refunds, and the list goes on. It also syncs various settings about shoppers, products and orders in real-time. With its extensive features, ConnectPOS surely delivers the most seamless omnichannel shopping journey.

Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail is another good POS for florist that runs on many devices. It is best suited for middle and small-sized businesses, but bigger firms may find it helpful as well. In general, Lightspeed Retail has the necessary options to grow your firm. 

It has some cool features that help streamline your business management. For example, the system provides multiple tender options and takes every kind of payment, including gift cards and credit cards.

Shopkeep POS

Shopkeep is among the well-known point of sale solutions for quick-serve establishments and florist stores are not an exception. It has a pretty good price, simple to use, and is quickly adaptable for the demands of your business.

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Shopkeep POS has some robust features, including its stock control. This can handle a company of any size and any goods. It is valuable for big floral firms with an assortment of flowers and accessories.

FloraNext POS for florist

A good thing about this point of sale system is that it provides new members with a free trial. Therefore, you do not need to spend anything but still can see whether this FloraNext is your best fit. 

One of the best features of this system is its reporting capability. This will make it easier for you to evaluate how your florist store is doing. For example, it offers data about your website and point of sale, shipments, and so on.

Floristware POS

Those who are looking for a well-automated POS for florist can think about getting this system. It has been an established solution, given that Floristware POS was introduced more than a decade ago. 

With this system, you have enough control of your business and do not need to sweat over entanglements. One of its best features is its swift integration with floral eCommerce sites and every popular credit card processing provider.Are you ready to become the flower of the industry with the top 5 POS for florist mentioned above? They will be a huge help to improve your business. Contact us for more information.

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