When will crypto bubbles burst? Huong Vu October 16, 2023

When will crypto bubbles burst?

When will crypto bubbles burst?

The Bitcoin price has fallen low, wiping a considerable amount of the value from its top achievement of about 69,000 USD in November last year. The general cryptocurrency value has decreased by some trillion dollars and reduced from over 3 trillion USD in early November 2021. So, the question is when will crypto bubbles burst?

The situation of crypto bubbles

Some market followers think that the recent crash in the cryptocurrency price might be considered the broken moment of crypto-mania fever. You could see bitcoins left in a worse and worse situation by the decision of the Federal Reserve signaling the next interest rate increase in December 2021. According to some strategists, the scale and speed of the losses remind them of the dot-com bubble burst happening 22 years ago.

For a lot of witnesses of the past financial bubbles popping, the evidence of the signs is pretty here and there. It is violent rallies that allow more violent selloffs to happen. Anxiety about missing out has all of a sudden enabled the rise of anxiety about getting exposed. 

Even the bitcoin price recovery from the past crash in the middle of last year is consistent with the wrapup of a speculative era. Generally, the ending of such speculation is like a heavyweight prize battle. The asset might get knocked down a couple of times, and be back on its feet, before the final knockout. 

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When will crypto bubbles burst? 

Stay calm and take the second chance

The President of Gemini, Cameron Winklevoss, asked everyone to stay calm and warm because if they feared, they could not survive. Those failing to invest in cryptocurrency as they ‘missed it’ at 35,000 USD have just been provided with a second bite of the cherry. Just be careful not to recommit the same mistake.

The short supply of crypto was just a myth

Talking about crypto bubbles, the Manager of Sibilla Global Fund, Lorenzo Di Mattia stressed that even excluding government intervention, there was a huge supply of new bitcoin. The short supply of crypto was just a myth. Even with another name, endless coin quantities with comparable or even superior attributes can appear.

Take small bites out of the potential support areas

According to the technical analyst, Mark, a 50-percent loss is equal to your demand of a full gain for breaking even. When it comes to a new purchase, you have oversold conditions. That is why he would rather take small bites out of the potential support areas.In conclusion, as far as crypto bubbles are, the situation gives off a bear market vibe. There is not that much sentimental game in the stock market. While stocks are rather popular in the world, crypto has not yet been like that. So, when it comes to the question of when crypto bubbles will burst, there is no exact timeline, and they seem impossible to burst. There are a limited number of trusted measures of value, so guessing when a bubble will burst is difficult. Call us for more information.

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