ConnectPOS Omnichannel Feature

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ConnectPOS supports omnichannel implementation

ConnectPOS integrates your brick-and-mortar stores with your Ecommerce, syncs all data in real time for consistent customer experience across all sales channels, and thereby, increase sale and profit.


  • Customer recognition
  • In-store pick-up and showrooming
  • Stock visibility in all online and offline stores

On the go

  • Search product info and order by scanning barcode, pick up at counters
  • Recognize nearby customers and send them promo code to trigger sales


On social networks

  • Recognize customers, display targeted messages and promotions on their social networks to trigger sales

In store

  • Online products available in physical stores
  • Customer recognition
  • Stock visibility of all online and offline stores
  • In-store data collection

Enrich Customer Experience

  • One customer database

    Recognize customers regardless of sales channels they've used before with the synced customer database. Customers don't waste time repeating themselves when transitioning between sales channels.

  • One order database

    Synced transaction history allows customers to earn reward points on any channel and spend them wherever they want, online or in-store. Win customers' hearts and keep them coming back for more.

  • Customer report and analytics

    Collected data from multi-channels make it possible to track customers on different channels, learn their behaviors and preferences in order to serve them better.


Increase Sales and Profit

  • One product database

    ConnectPOS enables selling your Ecommerce products in your physical stores. Repeating exposure to the products on different channels enhances brand awareness and improves the selling opportunity.

  • Cross-channels sales

    Offer customers flexibility to shop in different ways: shop online or at store, home delivery, click-and-collect, showrooming. Increase the buying opportunities for various products and raise sales.

  • Targeted sales tactics

    With gained customer insights, you understand customers better and can craft attractive offers to trigger sales and upgrade them to premium products, services with higher profit margins.


Manage Sales Channels Better

  • Real time synchronization

    All the information are synced in real time between sales channels so you always know what's going on and can take proper actions to maximize sales, customer satisfaction and minimize unexpected risks.

  • Flexible rule settings

    Set up rules, i.e. promotion rule and apply them on as many channels as you like to match your business strategy. Adjust tax, language and customize receipt template depending on the store location to meet local preferences.

  • Centralized reporting

    Gather the data from all the points of generation in one view and conduct analysis at ease for a better view of your business and smarter decisions. It’s also easier for you to track back to the root cause if any problem arises.


I implemented ConnectPOS for one of my clients and it is of great help for them in stores. They have a website and they can sell the same products at physical stores and fasten the whole sales process using ConnectPOS.

Claudio Ijaui Silva
Ecommerce Developer at ICS - COMPUTER SYSTEM