NetSuite POS Comparison: Which POS can fully adapt to NetSuite ERP? Huong Vu September 30, 2023

NetSuite POS Comparison: Which POS can fully adapt to NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite POS Comparison: Which POS can fully adapt to NetSuite ERP?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a system to help plan the resources of enterprises. This tool makes it easy for businesses to manage all their activities in one unified place. Previously, businesses used to use stand-alone software, but now this system will combine them all. Therefore, retailers need to look for look for a point-of-sale (POS) system that can integrate with ERP to make it easier and more advantageous to manage and increase the flow of data throughout the operation. In this post, we would like to present a NetSuite POS comparison so that retail users can find a POS system that meets NetSuite ERP.

Top POS for NetSuite ERP


ConnectPOS is a remarkable cloud POS system for retailers. When doing a NetSuite POS comparison, you can learn that this solution is very popular in the market because it has many different useful features, greatly supporting retail stores to solve traditional problems. The integration of ConnectPOS with NetSuite provides a complete system for merchants to have the most comprehensive view of the customer’s business, history, and purchasing preferences. This will allow them to provide personalized experiences that drive customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The plugin can access the system on any device from a PC, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet and can work online or offline for uninterrupted business operation. In addition, the platform also supports stores that accept a variety of payment methods such as cash, cards, e-wallets, mobile money, or third-party payment gateways. Along with that, customers will also scan products themselves and pay right from their devices using the PWA (progressive web app) Consumer app, eliminating waiting times. In addition, ConnectPOS software allows custom receipt templates with the store’s logo, website, and address for marketing purposes.

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Notably, the NetSuite POS also offers powerful centralized data capabilities combined with the multi-source inventory tool to control inventory and make informed decisions. One advantage of this system is that it offers a 14-day trial version and no transaction fees for gateway payments. This is a fully adapted system for NetSuite ERP.


The Vend POS in NetSuite POS comparison is a good choice for retailers who want to integrate with the ERP function. It’s built and hosted in NetSuite so retailers can ensure a streamlined workflow across both solutions. With this POS software, businesses will always be ready to manage all the necessary tasks of a business. One of the great features of this solution is the automatic integration of all POS and NetSuite system data. From there, stores can save time, money, and manpower by handling complex tasks such as inventory management and supply chain management.

Vend offers online inventory management and tracking reordering. In addition, it also includes tools to support customer service. Merchants can easily implement marketing campaigns, invoicing, and loyalty programs. At the same time, the software is suitable for any business as it is easy to use, integrate and deploy with cross-platform compatibility. One notable feature of this NetSuite POS solution is that it has multi-store and reporting tools as well as 24/7 customer support for all critical projects.

Vend does not have a free plan and users can use it for prices from $69 / month for the most basic service plan. In addition, transactions will also incur an additional fee of 2.6% + 10 cents.

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Magestore POS

Magestore POS for NetSuite is a comprehensive solution specifically designed for Magento retailers. In NetSuite POS comparison, Magestore has proven itself to be a reliable and effective choice for merchants looking to boost their business. The software is compatible with NetSuite ERP so that merchants can synchronize data in real time, providing the fastest business performance overview. This is a leaner and more cost-effective POS system that still meets the basic needs of the business.

Brands will get the complete functionality of the platform in conjunction with NetSuite to streamline key operations such as sales, inventory, purchasing, and loyalty programs. Not only that, the plugin instantly syncs and easily manages ERP, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), HRM (Human Resources Management), and accounting seamlessly. With that, the efficient handling of returns and refunds will be done correctly. The full and immediate support of experts will help to organize and allocate resources for projects to be completed. Payments, in addition, will be processed securely and in compliance with the requirements.

The price of Magestore fluctuates based on user needs and depends on the number of stores and the level of business support. Notably, it is free of charge on all payment gateways.

NetSuite POS Comparison: Which POS can fully adapt to NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite POS comparison will not answer which system is best because it depends on the business. Each of the different options can meet different requirements and preferences. It is important for business users that they are looking for a comprehensive solution with the ability to synchronize data from products, orders, inventory, payments, and customers in real-time. Importantly, consider a powerful inventory tracking feature to ensure the complete management of business stages to meet market demand. While Vend POS and Magestore POS offer advanced reporting capabilities, making them an ideal choice for merchants looking for a powerful platform, ConnectPOS is a cloud-based solution that helps streamline sales processes. This tool also comes with a reasonable price and supports many different types and sizes of businesses.

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With careful consideration before making a decision, retailers can rest assured that their business is running smoothly. It is important that the NetSuite POS system has basic features, fits the budget, and integrate with NetSuite ERP seamlessly.

A POS system would not be an ERP. It’s a complementary system, responsible for collecting direct, physical, and over-the-counter sales, and collecting and processing cash or credit card payments. Along with it, the ERP system is responsible for centralizing financial and accounting management, inventory, sales, production, and project management. The perfect combination of these two tools will help the organization maximize its desired benefits.


Choosing the right system between NetSuite POS comparison is a difficult task for businesses because they need to consider many important factors. Real-time data synchronization, support for multiple payment options, and a user-friendly interface are the basics required in a POS system to connect to NetSuite. If you are looking for a system that meets the above needs, feel free to contact us.

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