Netsuite Openair: A Better Way to Manage Projects and Resources Huong Vu October 7, 2023

Netsuite Openair: A Better Way to Manage Projects and Resources

Netsuite Openair: A Better Way to Manage Projects and Resources

It is common to use a business tool to support business activities nowadays. Today’s tools are commonly used in the cloud to ensure business operations are up-to-date and secure. In this article, we would like to introduce a tool called NetSuite Openair. This is a great solution that makes it easier for businesses to manage projects in a better way.

What is NetSuite OpenAir?

NetSuite OpenAir is Professional Service Automation (PSA) software designed to track your projects from start to finish. This software PSA system has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of professional service organizations of all sizes and niches. It provides powerful tools for resource allocation and management, expense tracking, invoicing customers, and customizing reports. This is also software built in the cloud for businesses to easily update project status on the go from the mobile app or on the internet browser. 

This OpenAir solution helps with separate modules like project management, resource optimization, project accounting, time management, cost management, billing and invoicing, revenue recognition, etc. It ensures comprehensive data visibility and end-to-end automation.

Netsuite Openair: A Better Way to Manage Projects

NetSuite OpenAir is a better way to manage projects because it offers several features that help to smoothly automate professional services. This NetSuite solution has 3 big features which are timesheet management, resource management, and integration with third-party systems. For projects, timesheet management is important to keep track of employees and their progress. This feature of NetSuite also comes with a labor cost report to help businesses easily manage and track revenue and expenditure for their projects.

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For the resource management feature of this NetSuite solution, businesses easily know the company’s business status and predict the next projects to implement. When it comes to connecting with third parties, NetSuite OpenAir has the ability to connect with major platforms in various fields to support complete business and management processes of enterprises.

It’s worth noting that NetSuite OpenAir has a free mobile app version. This guarantees flexible access, regardless of device and location. The solution also provides multiple report templates, allows access to different features and tasks, and focuses primarily on the role of the user and the level of information each individual requires.

Why is Netsuite Openair better? 

NetSuite OpenAir is competitive and a better solution because it’s designed for the entire service sector offering promise for lean operations with high flexibility, cost control, and efficiency. In particular, with corporate projects, it is crucial to track their progress and generate revenue for the company. This is a feature that NetSuite OpenAir guarantees to provide to businesses.

Moreover, businesses that often have to work on projects will have to allocate employees to many positions, roles, and workplaces. Therefore, this NetSuite solution will be suitable for companies to easily track employees and projects to update information continuously to limit risks.

In particular, NetSuite OpenAir is highly appreciated because it provides a full software automation system. This will be especially relevant for businesses with software-based service projects. With this NetSuite solution, businesses will easily control operations and optimize processes.

NetSuite OpenAir comes with two pricing plans, the Professional Suite for the Small and Medium Business (SMB) at $399/month and the Business Suite at $899/month.

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NetSuite OpenAir is a great and effective tool to help your project-based business succeed. If you are looking for assistance connecting with this solution, contact us.

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