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7 Tips You May Miss To Do Market Research

Market research is a process of evaluating the demand for new products and services in the market. By conducting market research, businesses are able to gain in-depth customer insight as well as timely make appropriate decisions. Here are 7 tips that may help businesses effectively generate market research on their own.

How to better perform market research

Define your buyer persona

The very first and foremost stage in a marketing research process is determining buyer persona with the aim of identifying accurately target customer groups. In other words, buyer persona will provide retailers with a detailed idea of how to optimize their marketing efforts.

There are 3 common methods that  retailers can adopt to do market research, namely

  • Survey: 

Retailers can conduct a survey or questionnaire to gather information from large groups of customers. Those surveys can include basic information directly related to customers such as their ages, occupations, interest, concerns, etc. The more responses are obtained, the more accurate the conclusions will be.

  • Individual interviews

This is considered the most insightful market research method because it encourages respondents to share more information.

  • Observation

This method refers to looking and analyzing the way people interact with particular products, services from particular retailers as well as their competitors. Subsequently, researchers are able to gain information from people’s shopping habits and behaviors in action.

Do research on competitions

Observing competition in the same business field is a helpful way for retailers to understand their market better and conduct better market campaigns. Your research can be generated based on four primary components of every marketing effort: products, prices, places, and promotions.

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Make use of social media

The popularity of social media makes it become a powerful tool that enables retailers to step outside their market boundaries and learn more about customers through every online interaction and engagement. By conducting questionnaires or discussions on social media platforms, retailers can easily gather a huge amount of information and engagement from target customers. Moreover, retailers can timely update current trends in shopping and making purchases and appropriately adjust upcoming marketing campaigns.

Handle valuable data effectively

After already gaining a certain amount of market information, it is necessary that retailers organize and analyze those valuable data properly. Instead of producing reports manually, retailers now are able to adopt helpful software in the market. Powerful analytic reports will produce meaningful insights that will empower retailers to draw accurate conclusions about their customers as well as how to optimize their businesses.


Nowadays, it is much more challenging for retailers to keep up with their markets since they are continuously changing. As a result, conducting market research is a must if retailers want to understand their customers and develop their businesses. We hope that these tips are able to support businesses in making market conduct.

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