How to connect Shopify hardwares with multi devices Huong Vu October 1, 2023

How to connect Shopify hardwares with multi devices

How to connect Shopify hardwares with multi devices

Today’s market is fiercely competitive so most companies are expanding by operating both physical stores and online stores. However, the most difficult thing is synchronizing and connecting the hardware with the devices on multiple channels. Businesses need to choose a point-of-sale (POS) system with the latest updates. In addition to the software that can support the multi-channel approach, the selection of hardware that can connect to multiple devices also contributes to the efficiency of the business. Notably, retailers always choose reputable suppliers, and Shopify hardware meets that. In this article, we would like to introduce ways to connect Shopify hardware with multiple devices so that businesses can make optimal use of these.

Overview of Shopify hardware for your business

POS hardware includes all the input and output devices that enable the POS software to operate at the point of sale. In today’s businesses, especially offline stores, POS hardware is just as important as software and systems. And the best POS system has a lot of hardware that can connect to many devices or work together.

Shopify hardware is powered by major eCommerce platforms. It includes many sections and details; users can choose the necessary parts for their store. Typically, omnichannel stores need hardware such as a card reader, which is a payment terminal that can accept debit or credit card payments, and a cash drawer, which is a device that holds bills and cash from transactions. Besides, they also need a barcode scanner to read and decode the data and send the data to the POS software; from there, the software matches the item in the system and all the item information will be displayed on the screen. The receipt scanner and printer, at the same time, are connected to the monitor computer via a cable.

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How to connect Shopify hardware with multiple devices

Set up the suitable devices

To connect Shopify hardware with multi devices, users first need to select and set up suitable ones. POS software often includes its hardware, or users can integrate it with a device such as a cash register or their own reader. Choosing the right equipment must include setting up the devices so that they are suitable for business activities and can be connected to the existing software of the business. Established devices must be able to meet most of the requirements of the business, especially the payment process. Most modern systems accept all credit or debit cards, cash, and some modern payment methods such as cryptocurrencies, contactless payments, and payments through third-party payment gateways. 

After entering users and products, businesses can set up their payment methods by navigating to the payment method command button on the system interface. They can add, remove or edit different payment methods. For devices, it could be mPOS (mobile POS), self-pay kiosks, or a traditional payment device. No matter what device it is, it needs to support the payment process to be safe, accurate, and seamless. This is what gives retailers a competitive edge in the marketplace, as brands can enhance the customer experience through the checkout process. Many shoppers prefer quick and varied responses to their needs. This can help strengthen the relationship between the business and the customer.

In addition, devices need to be integrated with other pieces of management and tracking software to easily control day-to-day operations and sales. Accounting programs, inventory management software, and other business management tools will help keep sales and profits in check. At the same time, strategies and decisions will be made rationally and correctly.

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Choose the right system

Businesses that want to connect Shopify hardware with multiple devices also need to pay attention to choosing a complete POS system. First of all, the system needs to be easy to use, suitable for even beginners, and always have technical support from the vendor. 

Along with that, the purpose of connecting Shopify hardware is to expand your business, so your system must ensure wide integration. It must tie in with leading tools, applications, and software to maximize business processes. Along with that, the system must have automation and manual reduction. This will help businesses save manpower and time. The hardware connected to the devices will work seamlessly and reduce the waste of resources. The brand’s supply chain and logistics will always be up-to-date with inventory and orders.

Furthermore, a suitable system must also meet the company’s budget. In addition to the cost of a service plan, operational costs such as card processing fees should also be considered as it affects the retailer’s benefits. Notably, choosing a provider capable of processing credit cards is a factor that should be emphasized. The features that the system provides also need to be ensured such as inventory tracking, customer management, order fulfillment, and data analysis. These are features that will help track hardware across multiple devices for efficient business.

ConnectPOS is a leading POS SaaS (Software as a service) system that brings many features to businesses. It can help to connect Shopify hardware to multiple store devices. This software supports users to manage orders, warehouses, and customers effectively. As for order management, this POS solution helps merchants manage products across sales channels, support efficient order fulfillment, and synchronize transaction data. Along with that, collecting and storing buyer information through orders helps brands create loyalty programs and implement marketing campaigns to maximize revenue as well as increase brand awareness. In addition, with the combination of powerful centralized data and inventory management solutions, retailers can gain insight into the store’s business and make informed decisions. ConnectPOS also offers fast and multi-modal payment support to enhance the customer experience. Notably, the combination of this POS system with other third parties will make the store’s business process more complete.

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To connect Shopify hardware to multiple devices, business users need to find a POS system that is closely connected with Shopify and offers full features for businesses. Currently, most providers will offer an all-in-one service package. They will both provide all the necessary equipment compatible with their POS system and support the sales services. Each system will have its advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to choose a suitable solution for the business. If you are looking for an option for your business, feel free to contact us.

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