Manage your restaurant better with this Shopify POS menu ConnectPOS Content Creator September 20, 2023

Manage your restaurant better with this Shopify POS menu

Shopify POS for restaurants

Most POS systems today have management features and support for restaurant operations, making ordering and serving faster and more convenient. In this article, we would like to introduce Shopify POS for restaurants to help your restaurant be managed and run efficiently.

The best Shopify POS menu for your restaurants


Connect POS is an excellent solution for restaurants. This Shopify POS for restaurants is also suitable for food carts, bakeries, or cafes with a wide range of leading point of sale solutions. This system helps your restaurant increase revenue by providing customers with a pleasant dining experience by providing quick service support features, supporting customer programs such as rewards points, and with recommendations to customers thanks to the stored history. Moreover, it also has features such as inventory synchronization, mobile payment support and flexibility, suitable for many sizes and types of restaurants in the F&B industry.

Point of sale by Shopify

If you are looking for the perfect restaurant management tool, the Point of Sale system by Shopify is the right choice. This is a comprehensive tool supporting both dine-in and take-out restaurants. This Shopify system ensures that your restaurant’s business is seamless thanks to order synchronization, which helps your revenue stay consistent. In addition to the basic management features, this restaurant POS system also includes loyalty management, which helps impress customers thanks to the loyalty programs that Shopify supports.

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You can try this system with basic features for free. If you need more comprehensive features to start growing your restaurant business, the $89/month Shopify POS Pro plan is for you.

Square POS

Square is a popular system for mobile payment processing, but it’s also a full-featured POS system that meets the needs of a restaurant. This system is suitable for food trucks, cafes, pop-ups and restaurants just starting. It supports menu management, inventory control, table management, and discounts. In particular, it features synchronization between the online store and inventory and supports curbside pickup and managed or outsourced delivery.

Your restaurant can experience this system for free, plus a 2.6% + $0.10 transaction fee for card and swipe payments. One of the best options is the Premium Plan for $299/month.

Lightspeed POS 

There is not much to argue about Lightspeed POS because this is one of Shopify POS for restaurants with specialized solutions suitable for most. With features that help manage all aspects of your restaurant, such as order processing and payment at the table or be mobile. In addition, you can add images and information about dishes to the system and present it with menu themes that make it easy for customers to order. This system is great for restaurants, bars, cafes and other eateries of all sizes. It supports menu management, food entry management.

From $69/month for a POS terminal, along with additional premium plans like $12 or $39/month make it easy to personalize your business.

Toast POS

Toast POS is one of the best Shopify POS for restaurants. This system provides a complete system with decent restaurant management features like inventory tracking, server, and shift management, employee payroll, custom kitchen communication, as well as order processing and payment.

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Toast combined with Shopify gives users access to third-party features. With this addition, your restaurant will be fully equipped to manage and grow. This POS system is priced using a variety of factors such as recurring software fees, payment processing fees, additional hardware costs, and others, depending on your choice.

Clover POS 

Clover POS is the ultimate Shopify POS for restaurants. This system has the same basic features as other POS systems, suitable for small and medium restaurants, cafes, and food trucks. This system allows departments such as the kitchen, bar, floor staff and management to communicate with each other for a seamless service process. With Shopify integration, your restaurant can experience a variety of apps with additional features.

Clover POS has both software and hardware, so a restaurant’s monthly subscription cost can range from $14 or $70/month plus standard fees per transaction.


The Shopify POS menu above will help your restaurant be fully managed. Contact us if you need a suitable POS system for your restaurant.

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