5 key factors in the booming of 3D printing business Quinn T. March 15, 2022
5 key factors in the booming of 3D printing business

Today’s 3D printing businesses are thriving. In addition to the help of techniques to help improve product quality, currently, 3D printing technologies have been applied to help business activities develop more. In this article, we provide the key elements to help your 3D printing business grow.

What is 3D printing?

3D printing technology is also known as rapid prototyping technology. This technology is the process by which three-dimensional digital models are made into physical objects. 

Currently, technology is very developed with many different product designs. The technology also applies to many machines and materials such as plastics and polymers, steel, titanium, gold and ceramic for better service. Each product will be made from different materials such as bulk, liquid and powder materials. With the development of 3D technology, there are many printing methods, including plastic injection machines, using cutting tools, lasers, etc.

The development of 3D printing business in recent year

In recent years, the 3D printing industry has been applied in many areas of life, so 3D printing businesses have sprung up and developed more widely.

3D printing technology can help businesses with prototyping or low-volume production. It also has applications in design, biomedical devices, and mechanical components. Industry developments continue to emerge with the help of multiple technologies and services combined to further support 3D printing businesses. In fact, Statista forecasts the global 3D printing industry will reach $37.2 billion by 2026. This is more than double the 2022 forecast of $17.4 billion.

Thanks to the support of many technologies and services, 3D printing shops are growing day by day. ConnectPOS provides one of those support tools. ConnectPOS is a great tool for your business to grow in 3D printing. It has supported many 3D printing businesses thanks to the features it provides such as order management, inventory management, and integrated features. Your business can create orders and help customers choose the right product for their needs.

5 key factors in the booming of 3D printing business

Timely Development of Prototypes

Timely development of prototypes is an important aspect of the 3D printing business in general and the manufacturing process in particular. However, it is known to take a lot of time, effort and resources as everything has to be perfect. In order to achieve a certain perfection, works will have to go through many revisions and changes before finally being accepted. This is not only time-consuming but also costly. Due to its computer control and the fact that it gives you a preview of the final product before processing, 3D printing allows you to produce prototypes in a much shorter time frame while also saving money. 

High Quality Products and Less Equipment

High product quality is what customers decide to buy or return for any business, including a 3D printing one. Your business should invest in the quality of input materials, besides focusing on developing technologies. However, less equipment means you save space, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and also speed up the production process. The devices you use in the business must ensure convenience, multitasking and ensure the output quality of the product.

Reduce Overhead Costs

One of the 3D printing business’s greatest concerns is overhead counting lease, regulatory costs, electricity, and more. A huge factory will take up more space (higher rent), require more administrators (higher labor costs), and will bring about more support and benefit costs. The costs related to 3D printing are much lower since the printer takes up less space, requires negligible human mediation, and is cheaper to preserve due to fewer moving parts. As a company, you’ll be superior to offer lower costs to your clients due to the lower costs of utilizing 3D printing.

Minimal Manpower 

Working 3D printing gear isn’t as laborious as the conventional manufacturing plant. In reality, most advanced 3D solutions are 100% computer-controlled and come with Smart innovation. Considering that it is much smaller than the regular handling plant, the number of individuals required to preserve or service a 3D printer is additionally less. Today’s printers utilize a run of crude materials, can be coordinated with distinctive programs, and can indeed work remotely.

Boost Efficiency

It is important for your 3D printing business to ensure increased efficiency. Thanks to the fact that people’s demand for 3D printing has increased dramatically, your business must ensure that it operates as a process, with as few mistakes as possible, and makes the most of its human resources to help keep your business performing better.


3D printing technology is increasingly being applied in many areas of life, so 3D printing businesses are expected to develop strongly in the future.

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