How to boost your street style store O2O operation Huong Vu October 1, 2023

How to boost your street style store O2O operation

How to boost your street style store O2O operation

After the pandemic has passed, the re-emergence of offline stores, especially the street style store, is increasingly targeted by many retailers. However, to do business effectively, managers need to find the right strategies and maximum support tools. In this article, we would like to introduce the O2O (Online-to-offline) business and how to boost the O2O activity of your street style store.

Overview of O2O operation

O2O refers to the relationship between online sales strategy and direct shopping among consumers. Usually, individuals use this term in online marketing methods to promote buyers at a physical store. O2O operation can also be a process by which a consumer places an order online and receives it at a physical store location. This can also include when an individual purchases a product online but returns it at the store.

The street style stores are retail stores that encourage consumers to experience online shopping. They also use many techniques and strategies to convince customers to leave the online environment. The strategies used in this type of plan are a combination of those used in traditional marketing and those used in online marketing.

How to boost your street style store O2O operation

To boost their street style store O2O operation, sellers can use technology and tools to support business management as well as integrating online and offline sales channels. Buyers can have a better, more personalized, and convenient shopping experience. Many consumers prefer brands that offer an online retail experience and an in-store retail space. This is for their convenience when purchasing and receiving goods as well as the option to view the actual item before making an online purchase. Buyers also often appreciate experiences that combine online and retail spaces such as loyalty programs and rewards programs.

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For your store to operate effectively, it is important to enhance the consumer experience and increase brand awareness. To do that, first of all, sellers need to choose a suitable support system that ensures easy omnichannel business management. Point-of-sale (POS) systems need to support inventory management, support order fulfillment, and create customer-oriented programs to retain buyers. Notably, these solutions need to come with analytics features for administrators to have an overview of their omnichannel business. From there, they employ online and in-person marketing and promotion strategies that help increase public awareness of the company’s brand. This will result in higher sales volume and increased revenue.

Merchants need to note that O2O allows customers to shop the way and when they want, wherever they are. Therefore, features and support need to be completed from the purchase and delivery process to payment and returns. This is the way to boost the operation of stores in the same chain.


Traditional retail stores can participate in the street style store O2O operation with the help of today’s modern solutions. This will help them improve their customer base and revenue by promoting their products online before customers visit the store to make a purchase. This will be the foundation for them to scale further. If you are looking for a point-of-sale system with the most comprehensive and modern features, feel free to contact us.

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